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For any of you that read my blogs you'd of read that I was having some issues with my neighbor Travis... I had finally had enough and call the police on him. Word got around pretty quick that I called the cops on him and I had had enough, I was putting my foot down and not putting up with any more of his shit.

A few days later while cleaning up the yard after a storm I went to drop off some natural debris in our communities little swamp, my truck got stuck and a neighbor came to assist me. He backed up everything I had done and commended me for taking up for myself and my property.

Two days after that I got a phone call from another neighbor saying they had yelled at him and his friends for being on their property and for cutting down a tree that doesn't belong to him. They too had had enough of his crap.

He is making enemies left and right now, people are getting tired of him walking on them and granted he hasn't effected everyone but it seems as though he is making his rounds to becoming 'That' neighbor fairly quickly.


I finally bought a page on for the public aspect of our Coven. Its only a few days old but already I've meet some really awesome people who I truly look forward to seeing again. 


Strawberry Moon's blog is really doing well too, I mean we have a following it seems (granted they aren't "following" following so I can't be sure) but we get a good average through out the month which is exciting. It means someone is reading and if they enjoy what I write or not I don't know but its nice to know that all the hard work I do... at least it pays off in some way.


The past sabbat was really special too. We got to celebrate it with our newest member and got to be apart of her sons Naming Rite. That night I even got to see my husband for 30 minutes before he went up river for the month.


The only down side is that my sugar-booger (my son Seth) has popped himself twice in the mouth and I'm really worried about his teeth. They bleed now with the slightest amount of pressure and cause him pain often. I'll know for sure in about four days if the root has been damaged and they are going to rot but I am under the impression they are okay since they still cause him pain that means the root and nerve are still intact.


Well... I hope that you guys have had a swing towards the positive and when you have the time check out the blog or meetup page. Much love to you guys.... seriously.

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Comment by Lady Angelfire on June 23, 2011 at 2:07pm
LOL Glad to hear you are being backed up over Travis from your other neighbors.  It's about time.
Comment by thesacredkitchen on June 23, 2011 at 4:16pm
For sure lol. I kept thinking "how am I the only one with this problem?" and low and behold I wasn't they just wanted someone else to take the first step lol


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