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Job Hunting with spirits.... God what a saga

So I have a spirit attachment that is OBSESSED with watching me apply for jobs! Its been like 5years and everytime I sit down to the computer to look for a job it sits down too and wiggles around in the seat and telle me he/she is going to make people sick for hours because? ? ? SPirits don't llook for jobs? I mean he /she is the spirit and they just  sat dotn to look for jobs? I think that one is bizarrely sick and stupid

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Comment by Shanty on June 4, 2019 at 1:12pm

Perhaps more demonic than spirit Elisabeth?

Who can make sense of such creatures?

Comment by Elisabeth Cartwright on Thursday

I agree it sad they are so bizarrely stupid and several of them have mouth diseases. I mean they have forced their mouths into human mouths so many times and so many beings that their mouths constantly tell humans when they are about s they can constantly get in trouble and make other creatures sick

Comment by Shanty on Thursday

Complex and strange world you have to deal with Elisabeth.


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