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I woke up this morning to a gut wrenching feeling. The feeling is familiar to me. It signals me I'm about to have an attack, a nausea attack.. I throw myself up out of bed and bolt to the bathroom and immediately I turn on the shower and start my breathing exercise so I can calm down.. this happens every few weeks, once or twice a month I've observed.. of course at this point, my body is on reflex telling me it needs to vomit but I have nothing in my stomach. I've asked people what they think this happens for, some say it could be acid reflex. some say it could be food allergies.. to what cookies!!?..yeah probably should lay off the cookies anyway. but I don't think that's why this happened this morning.  I had chicken and rice last night for dinner.. and it was digested by this morning. my stomach was empty and I found myself dryheavinging in the shower.  When I asked myself why is this happening to me? what is my body doing?, my first thought was, maybe its the anxiety? and sleeping on my back so probably acid reflex. 

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