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Out of curiosity has anyone noticed that no matter where you move to strange things happen. Like you're being followed. I knew that my parents house was haunted but it seems like every place I've lived since is to. Not sure if it's just my imagination or something. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

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Comment by Karen Black on December 14, 2017 at 8:30pm

This could be the spirit of a relative of yours who has passed-on and is watching over you.

Comment by Beryl on December 28, 2017 at 1:36pm

I think is good practise to cleanse a house/appartment/flat before moving in, a good household cleaning and also some spriritual cleaning. If you have hard floors a floor mop wash, wash all windows with diluted rosemary vinegar, burn some cleansing incense with all doors and windows open to give a good airing/ventilation and that things can leave. If you have carpets, wall to wall carpeting etc than baking soda mixed with herbs sprinkles all over, leave it on for a while, then vacuum with pref new bag and through away in trash outside of house. If you want to avoid visits keep bowls of vinegar in the home bit high up so pets and little kids do not ingest any. Refresh twice a week. The book Natural Magic by John Michael Greer mentions the vinegars for banishment. 

I usually do lavender/rosemary in plain white vinegar.


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