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Do you ever sit there and think about everything? Life – the meaning of it – the meaning of yourself.  Hypothesize why you were born the person you were, in the time you were.  Do you ever feel you were born into the wrong body, or the wrong time?  I do, nearly every day.  Do you ever get lost in the sea of space while gazing up at the night sky, surfing the galaxy from planet to planet, imagining all the new life forms and civilizations that may lie there, with all of their scientific advancements, technology and wisdom that could possibly, potentially, end all conflict with the human race?  I do, more often than I’d like to admit.  Do you ever sit around in your home, with the lights dim, a good movie on, and see shadows dance just out of sight?  Or feel the presence of something you cannot explain?  Have a connection to your household pets that go beyond the basic line of feeling, where emotions transcend two species, maybe even the fabric of time and space itself – that somehow, some way, you both feel a mutual respect and love and understanding, and dare I say, have a soul connection because the thought of being out in the general public doesn’t appeal in the slightest to you?  Yeah, I can relate to that – also more than I’d like to admit. 

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