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Well I haven't been here in a long time and I thought I'd just write something here for the sake of it I guess. It seems now and then, that I tend to come here when I'm feeling lonely. I guess that's the way on this path for a lot of people at some point. In the building of singularity within the self over the years, in our discovering who and what we really are, there comes a time when it's so hard to relate to other people... And I find myself in that mode quite often.

But the news of late would be that I found my way here for some reason to update my profile and such. I've really just been writing a book about Multidimensionality and managing a podcast called The Cosmic Crow about magick and all kinds of interesting things. Well, interesting to me at least. Other than that, my mom and I have started a garden for fresh foods, and I'm just raising my little boy the best I can as usual. If you're reading this... you must be as bored as me right this moment. Haha it's not often that I'm bored really. But I sat here thinking about how much I've grown to dislike social media in a lot of ways, and how disconnected I feel from genuine people sometimes. Authenticity is a rare thing to find where I live, and online for sure.

Either way, thanks for reading my rant I guess. Have a fantastic night, or day, or whatever it is. Stay blessed and empowered.

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