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Well I haven't been here in a long time and I thought I'd just write something here for the sake of it I guess. It seems now and then, that I tend to come here when I'm feeling lonely. I guess that's the way on this path for a lot of people at some point. In the building of singularity within the self over the years, in our discovering who and what we really are, there comes a time when it's so hard to relate to other people... And I find myself in that mode quite often.

But the news of late would be that I found my way here for some reason to update my profile and such. I've really just been writing a book about Multidimensionality and managing a podcast called The Cosmic Crow about magick and all kinds of interesting things. Well, interesting to me at least. Other than that, my mom and I have started a garden for fresh foods, and I'm just raising my little boy the best I can as usual. If you're reading this... you must be as bored as me right this moment. Haha it's not often that I'm bored really. But I sat here thinking about how much I've grown to dislike social media in a lot of ways, and how disconnected I feel from genuine people sometimes. Authenticity is a rare thing to find where I live, and online for sure.

Either way, thanks for reading my rant I guess. Have a fantastic night, or day, or whatever it is. Stay blessed and empowered.

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Comment by MaryAnn on May 31, 2019 at 10:30am

Heh, I literally logged on today after maybe 2 years because of this reason. Loneliness is very different from other emotions, and more than often followed with a negative connotation. I'm lonely, only in the sense that social medias boxes us in far more than we could imagine. The radio merely repeats half-assed 'poetry' about egotism & the alpha complex in society, and seasonal events merely exist so that we as a community can gather to take pictures in order to show everyone else that we are "living our lives!" When in fact, 10years from now they wont even remember who they saw, heard, etc. Anyway...

my garden is flourishing as well here in Chicago. I'd also like to speak of dimensions and how reality can be layered in an array of methods, most who have the patience to contemplate this around me tend to circle back to how we as humans tend to avoid stepping out our comfort zone & generally ends the conversation with a distaste for human kind in general. It gets exhausting. have yourself a wonderful day :) 


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