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Ladies! Want to learn about Dave S.? Pics will be added to my page.They are good!!!well,I'm biased.

Well Damn! I’m getting used to this laptop and I’m not use to this keyboard and if I hit one wrong button-poof my chit is g-o-n-e. I love it though!
Okay, I’m writing this in Microsoft woks and I’ll save and hopefully I won’t lose anything. I’ll Just do a copy and paste. Ain’t I smart?
Monday, July 5, 2010
10:16 PM

So this is “my Blog” and I can write or say anything I want-first of all if you want to listen to great songs/rock look for “Tom FM 92-9,” it’s awesome. My get up go clean the house music and dance and sing while I do It.*smiles*
Because of my Fibromyagia I don’t get to do that hardly anymore or exercise and something is wrong with my voice because I can’t sing like I use to and I’m afraid of going to the throat Doc-he’ll say quit smoking, blah ,blah ,blah and I could sing and dance. I want to lose this weight -the meds is making me gain sooooooooooooo much weight-so I am going to GNC tomorrow to get some Chitosan. I used it a long time ago and it worked great-don’t buy it on line. I checked out the so called Doc’s and one of their numbers was disconnected-yeah, okay. So, I’m Just going to GNC and it’s all natural BUT ..if you are allergic to shell fish -forget it!!! It helps with high cholesterol and it attacks the fat, no stimulants…here’s a link to check
it out from a reliable source. I don’t want to get anyone sick,. I’m very protective of my friends-I’m true blue-ask Dave S-that’s my adopted little-big brother. He knows me almost as well as my hubby Vince(my Baby Love] And Ladies Dave S. is a great guy and me being an Aries-he’s adopted-too bad Dave
Maybe I should begin my own matcher thingy-lol. I am -like-totally getting off on this man !

Ladies, remember he’s not looking for crazy, = crazy…crazy is fun but a fun crazy, ya know? His little boy is soooo sweet and Dave does a great job with Mr. Logan, but he cannot afford to introduce him to someone and then they turn out to be completely Looney tunes months later. He’s been there-done that. He is great Dad but he likes some guy time away from Logan sometimes-to do whatever…and I won’t get into that. Hehehe. Be honest with him and don’t play games with him or he’ll definitely go on a hate woman rally for sure and I’m trying to keep him open minded, which isn’t easy especially after his last episode with a Looney tunes woman. and did I tell you how intelligent he is and funny-we have so much fun together. I’m glad my hubby isn’t the jealous kind and he knows it’s only him and Dave would never be interested in me anyway=I look terrible. But not after I get that Chitosan.
I’ll play Ginny pig and you guys will see. Give me 5 months-k? What a mess…lol
Back to Dave S. Well, that’s it
My job is completed.

Oh, I got to post Daves pics in my album- so here goes-I thought I could do it on here-pisses me off.

Lots of Bro and everyone.

<~The PaganPixie~>

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