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Larvikite - "winks in the Moonlight"

Larvikite - Came across this stone Sunday - kinda-off attracted my eye..
Even more interesting was to discover that the stone is also known as 'Birds Eye' and a 'Stone of the Faeraes'....considering the latest relationship I am having with Birds....especially as this particular stone is known to increases our sense of security in the strength of our own intellect - stimulates on-going creativity and allows for the exchange of Wisdom - which neatly caps the bird interplay...
(Had named the Robin 'Wisdom' last Wednesday).

In relationship to the Faeraes - in English folklore, Puck, was sometimes known as Robin Goodfellow....and there is a delightful verse that ties it neatly with current circumstances...

'The Robin is the Faeraes' Page;
They keep him neatly dressed
For country service or for town
In dapper livery of brown

And little Scarlet vest.
On busy errands all day long
He hurries to and fro
With watchful eyes and nimble wings—

There are not very many things,
The Robin doesn't know.
And he can tell you, if he will,
The latest Faerae news;

The quaint adventures of the King,
And whom the Queen is visiting,
And where she gets her shoes.
And lately, when the Faerae Court
Invited me to tea,

He stood behind the Royal Chair;
And here, I solemnly declare,
When he discovered I was there,
That Robin winked at me.'

In some metaphysical guides and stores, this unique stone becomes easily confused with “Mystic Merlinite” (it’s real geological name is Indigo Gabbro) - BUT it is far from the same...
'Mystic Merlinite' is very much a BLACK stone with large grey mottling that have a sort of Violet iridescence that’s beautifully unique.

Larvikite is named after the Fjords of Larvik in Norway - this unusual member of the Feldspar family was named in 1890 by W. Christofer Broegger. aka 'Norwegian/Black Moonstone' (according to the myth, it "winks in the Moonlight"), and is a greyish evening tide colour with vivid iridescent silver-blue feldspar highlights/flashes.

Larvikite has traveled (by means of Nature) way before its discovery - and again - it connects deeply with myself as some of the boulders (via the Sea) found their way to the English coastline around East Yorkshire. They are among a number of exotic stones from similar glacial deposits that can be found in the area that were once used to help defend the beaches (against Saxons and/or Vikings).

Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances the psychic abilities, as well as allowing the ability to see the Past - in that it provides clarity to visions of Past Life recall.
(This very much resonates with the aspect of the 'Bird' - depicted in many, many archaeological text with regards to the 'Souls'...
For the Shaman journeys into the Lower World, that becomes enhanced with the use of Larvikite.

It also has the uncanny ability to help you to see 'behind the Masks' that people wear - that illusion of one thing when in reality it is the opposite.. If you are a Healer or a Reader, it can be a VERY powerful companion.

It is another POWERFUL 'Truth Speaking' Crystal - especially when in a discussion with another - you'll be able to hear the real message between their words and see the true desires within their hearts.
It will help to communicate a Path and/or Healing that will have the correct impact on their lives.

Larvikite can readily neutralize and cancel spells that are no longer wanted, and it repels malevolent energy BUT please be forewarned!!
Sometimes issues and situations are meant to resolve themselves in a time frame that may be different from your own agenda/desire. Use caution and good judgment when asking the Cosmic to hurry along.

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Comment by Light on July 10, 2018 at 9:23am

I have some of the actual raw Preseli Bluestone - pieces of actual Stonehenge stone gathered (that had broken away) when I was at a Summer Solstice event there many years ago..

It is probably one of my most treasured stones in the collection...


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