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Learn to drive about to get license yeah!

I live in the Spartanburg area  backwoods sc area not much difference here.  

Well differences  fire ants no walking barefoot , dirt here is like rock use other method. I was to lazy no garden.    alot of Germans  we have four kitties now.  Very hilly  huge military town lakes alot . 

We live in the woods down a huge hill. 

Lets see court ordered therapy but when we went to our appointment they canceled it again  so when I go I show wth PROOF the crazy  I had to endure   all of a sudden  Dhs says your fine. 

 I said I had a stroke head bonk  whats his problem?

She goes what do you want for Xmas  I was like MRI for my husband :)!  She laugh I not the normal one how did that happen ! Well  Lets see   Realize other people our worse drivers than me way worse! 

My husband  is that bad of a teacher  he is trying to off us lol! 

Had a good Xmas /Yule   spent with family.

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