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Lenormand Speculation on Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Divorce

"I don't care who you are, life has challenges."

~Tom Cruise



The Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce seemed to be a shocking blow with no warning to the public before the announcement. I found myself thinking of the couple and wondering whether it was Scientology causing the rift. Or was it another woman? Time apart? Loss of interest in the relationship from boredom?

An AOL video today suggests that Suri will be enrolled in the Convent of the Sacred Heart school, which will be a big change for Suri, who had been previously home schooled. This seems very much off the beaten path for Scientologists.

I often tell my tarot students that if you don't have live clients to practice on, or if you need practice BEFORE starting on clients, try reading celebrities. Astrologers love to predict what will happen with celebrities based on the stars (in the sky), and today I'm going to put the Lenormand Oracle to work to see if it can shine light on the Cruise/Holmes divorce. I don't know why it happened, but the Lenormand has been pretty wise for me, and downright accurate. So let's see what it has to say, and maybe someday we'll learn whether the cards were on target.


Deck: Piatnik Lenormand, borders removed

Within the Lenormand 9-card spread, the most important card is always the pivot, the card in the middle around which the other congregate. This one arrived randomly, like the other cards in this spread. Here the central card is the Crossroad (Paths), which means going off in a new direction. This is a perfect fit for our divorce question: two directions, a decision, and they are at a crossroad where a choice was made and new paths are being forged.


This spread does not speak of another woman. It does speak of Katie no longer feeling Tom's loyalty, though. It does also appear to have a strong but secret nod toward Scientology. This spread is about loyalty (Dog), love (Heart), and confusion (Clouds). It speaks of the obstacle of confusion about the Book/source of wisdom.

Katie is in need of someone loyal by her side to feel less alone. And she wants a friend and partner to connect with. The Dog and Key together show that a loyal friend by her side is the key to her Heart. She has mixed feelings about this Book, though. She finally shed light on it (Sun).


If we mirror the cards in this spread, we learn there are TWO key situations that surround Katie's path right now: Dog/Heart is loyalty to a partner (she is now shifting loyalties away from her prior friend and lover) and Sun/Book is shifting away from the light of the wisdom in that book. Both have become Mountains Katie could not cross.


Travel time away for Tom may also have taken some hits on the relationship.


Because the last card (Mountain) is the final punctuation in this spread: the relationship had become a metaphorical Mount Everest.




Here are specifics on how the cards were read:

The bottom row of Clouds, Book, and Mountain, does indicates mixed or confused feelings about a book or secrets (Dianetics?) that causes a large obstacle (Mountain card). This very well may point to Scientology being a factor. As an aside, I initially (mistakenly) thought the Clouds card was the Ship card, as I don't usually use the Piatnik version of the Lenormand, and therefore thought at first it was his distance and travel that caused the issue. However, now realizing it is the Clouds card (which happens to have a ship in the picture), it instead points to mixed feelings about this book rather than travels and movie scripts and distance. So the book may represent Scientology, although I'd have expected the Cross card to show up with it and am surprised it didn't. (Cross can mean both burdens and occult sciences). Although, I often say that we sometimes see what we're supposed to see in a spread, and it may be that I was meant to see that Ship card. Travels and distance may have been a factor here, but perhaps the third in line to the other two I see here.

Some Lenormand readers would say that the brighter side of the Cloud card faces the Book, so Katie's feelings about Scientology would be, to these readers, be on the brighter side. However, considering the Mountain card follows, this does not bode well for either the Book or the Clouds. It's the end of the story, and this Mountain becomes something too big to consider climbing. Scientology may fall by the wayside if she feels like Katie is not up to metaphorical rock climbing.

The top left card, "Rod" quite bluntly does mean domestic troubles and family discord in many readings. But it is also a card of painful "sweeping away," and also can mean bitterness. With the Heart (love) card below that, this rod brings a sharp pain of bitterness to a love relationship. Why the bitterness? The bottom left card that follows this line is the Cloud....confusion, mixed feelings...meeting that crossroad. To see what the confusion is about, we look again to what is beside the Cloud: Book. Here we are again back to Scientology and secrets.

The top row cards: Broom/Sun/Key suggest that there is pain in the sunny picture, and the discord is the key or the answer we seek in answering this spread.

Corner cards: Pain and sweeping away of knowledge (Broom/Key), and confusion and muddled thinking that creates a huge wall (Cloud/Mountain).



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