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Last Tuesday I started my 3rd year of teaching at a community college. This year, I am the only professor teaching Western Civilization I and II. Luckily, there is little interference from administration beyond my class schedule and classroom assignments. (Though I would gladly shoot the bookstore manager who has never yet ordered enough textbooks for all of my students by the first day of classes.)

I try, where possible, to emphasize that Judeo-Christianity is not the *only* viable religion at any single point in history, and that the religion espoused by Jesus in no way resembles the so-called "organized" Christianity of modern times. Sometimes it works and sometimes it means struggling with a student who believes that the Bible is a 100% true history book, and thus a viable source for writing research papers. However, it is deucedly difficult to avoid religion when teaching about ancient civilizations and the Middle Ages and Crusades.

I appreciate the fact that here I can relax and avoid the argumentative fanaticism of certain groups and enjoy reasonable and thoughtful conversations with thinking people.

Thanks for being here :)

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Comment by Mystic Momma on February 1, 2018 at 12:29am

Thank you so much..  Finding a non bias educator is a gem. 

Hopefully you will intrigue some to be curious.. And see what is out there.. 

Others wont accept the idea of anything other than.. That.  

I hope you have a wonderful week


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