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before everything even started, everyone had a hidden truth to themselves and secrets they feared. I, no I on the other hand embraced my truth and my secrets only to get fed medications and lies brought upon us by the social cliches if you well. werewolves, vampires, witches, fairies, etc go into hiding as mortals, they lose their powers... that one quality that makes them their own person and spiritual being. I lost my powers when i became in the ways of the "so called normal human lifestyle", became weakened and defenseless. I did not choose this lifestyle nor do I embrace it.... 

"Scratching out the youth eyes on make believe none sense, we must let these young mindless sheeple worry not about the upcoming end, but about money and war! They need to trust in us the Government of the nations, because we know what's true and what they need to know." those words, those evil lies they feed us at schools, on the news, in papers, its fiction... everything is fiction.

"God is real, there is no such thing, everything is fake expect for what i believe is true." they are pinning us against each other, making us fight for freedom when we have none, the salem witch trails, the churches bombing and shootings, etc those are wars between the spiritual and the none spiritual worlds. 

I am nor human or a figment of the
imagination, I am a vampire in a mortal realm, my spirit is broken, a void inside, I been on the planes of the spiritual realms and not once did I eat the offerings that causes death. everyday I wake up in fear of the giant beast that comes forth from a storm... everyday I go to sleep in a nightmare induce reality not wanting to wake up or sleep again... the government tells me I am crazy, my fiance fills my head with lies, an act that I can see through....

"burn the witch, burn the witch....." is all they say, all the people hear. "in god we trust...." the militaries and schools teach us, why they are told too by the federal government, because they are told too.... why live in a world where spiritual beings have to hide? easy the government makes money off the medications they give to us... they silence and dumbify us... make us normal or stupid to war we cant use our powers to take back control and protect this planet and her resources and bounty. they want us to be weak and defenseless while they kill Gaia or Terra or Mother earth, whatever your beliefs call her, so we wont have strong powers, so we can be human and die without a fight...... 

To be continued......

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