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You know with everything that's going on in this world today- I just wonder how many of us appreciate what we do have. Not only materially but spiritually? It's been so hard for us ALL out there-there are people losing loved ones who are ready to go home because their learning on this side is done-but I believe they never truly leave us and knowing this doesn't make it any easier-not at all! Going through therapy is teaching me to remember the good times and to write my memories down for myself but for the future generations. Write down the trials and griefs you went through with that person and lessons learned. That's what I call "making love"-making memories and holding them close to your heart and sharing them. 100 years from now your great-greats can read what a strong person their loved was and maybe they'll learn new tricks on how to make it the world.
How's your nieghbor doing? My nieghbors are the amish and I watch them survive daily and learn so much from them. They still use the horse and plow thingy to get their garden going and all of their 7 kids outside working on it. Do you think THE RICH are doing any better than than us? WE, who are use to just barely making it day after day? I think they are probably going to have it worse than us.
When my babies were growing up and I had noone but the goddess and chicken fat-I saved for some reason and a pack of noodles- I made chicken noodle soup for my kids to eat that night.
But do you have extra of something to help your nieghbor out-even if it's a loaf of bread, peanut butter and jelly for sandwhiches. Just leave it out on the step. Someone left us a bag of homegrown tomatoes like that and I loved it 'cause tomatoes sandwhiches with miraclewhip,salt and pepper is the bomb Man! Yummo.
I have to thank the goddess for helping keep our lights turned on and Delmarva Power and the gas Co. keeping our gas on. Goddess taught me years ago to swallow my pride and ask for help from the bill people.
I thank the Goddess for my husband and his job. He worked his way up from harness security to Supervisor to security in the casino-more pay yes but so many more headaches. EVEN if you work at MickeyD's BE Proud! always be proud of the job you do and I am Thanksful for my parents that taught me values and morales, even though I hated them at the time because I thought they were punishing me...Not!
And parents don't listen to all of the games and guilt trips your kids play on you. You will never do anything right in their eyes and won't understand what you did for them until it's their turn.
My mother took a lot of abuse from my father,then I did from my man I tried to break the cycle but guess not because my daughter is going through the same things-if I could only turn back time. But, I learned and now she will have too. She has has to learn that SHE IS strong and can make it.
better. "My little Drama Queen"
Say a prayer for our farmers and pray they go organic.
Goddess please protect all of those who protect us so we can figure out how we are going to make it another day.
Well,*sigh* I think I'm done for this post. Just remember don't be too proud to use pennies for a loaf of bread or to ask for help and remember that the Goddess loves you and so do I because deep down we are all the same And no! your family will never be better off without you-so stick around- I may need some of your advice one day.

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