So, I was reading a book on angels.  And then, somehow I accidentally made an extra purchase that I don't remember making.   And what was this extra purchase? 3x books on angels.  Fortunately, there was time to get a refund.  But it makes dealing with angels a pain in the arse.  Even if they are egregores.  I mean, what the Hell?  I spent money on 3x books on angels without my waking consent.  I guess my knees must've made the purchase of the 3 books on angels.  You know like how people can butt dial you on their phones? I keep my kindle on my bed so I must've made the extra purchases with my body.  But I do believe that angels are egregores, so I find it a very shitty thing to do.  It's very mischievous.  In the end, I'm buying extra books without my own consent.  Things like this don't happen with demons.  Never, ever, not in ONE particular time have they EVER costed me money.  NOT even once.  Even the Greek Gods had me lose my wallet because they were pissed at me.  Can't stand egregores sometimes.

But Samael was very cool.  He gave me very permanent results when he removed a stalker from my life.  Thanks Samael. :)

When it comes to Lilith, she's been GREAT when it comes to meeting new people.  I met such wonderful groups of people because of Lilith.  I've been more of a social butterfly :D   The downfall is odd/unpleasant dreams.  One was a very, vivid, very real man the size of my thumb dressed in yellow and in a yellow background.  It was very 3-D.  I mostly see everybody in 2-D.  In color, No cartoons or animation, but everybody is always in 2-D.  He is the first thing I've seen in 3-D. 

And yesterday, I had a very shitty dream, BUT it was explained here:

Why do Goetia and Qlippolth spirits come with nightmares even tho they are very beneficial when it comes to the physical world?  According to the website:

Gamaliel is the dream sphere and the dark side of Yesod. The dreams that man normally cannot or does not wish to remember in the waking state, can be found within Gamaliel. These dark dreams have a revealing character and expose sides of oneself that one might not want to accept. The dark dreams are censored by the super ego and are repressed to the GamalielQlipha. Thus Gamaliel is the 'Qlipha of dark dreams'.

So, instead of feeling victimized by the dark side and wondering why do beings like Lilith and the Goetia come with nightmares.  I decided to explore myself through the nightmares.  Then I realize that the nightmare was very telling about myself.  The cockroaches talking and dressed and acting like people.  Haven't you ever met a person or people so annoying that they are like the human version of a cockroach?  So, the cockroaches in human clothing and dressed like people are an allegory or whatever of how I view really annoying, shitty people.  Here is facing any fear of death.

With this, I get to explore my fears and come to an understanding of why I am afraid of certain things.  Fears are reveal to acknowledge apart of oneself.  A part that a person may not like.  The fearful side.  I don't think it's meant to harm a person, but to enhance a person.  But I would admit that they are a bit tricky to work with.  I would avoid using them to try to be evil.  From what I know, nobody's been successful with them trying to be evil.  Treat them like you would an angel. 

Also, aside from angels costing me money.  I meet more shitty people when I do work with them.  It's like when I work with angels, the human cockroaches sure do flood.  But if you were to treat Qlippolith spirits as if they were angels and try to be the best you possible with them.  Then they could bring very satisfying results in the real world.  Like thanks to Lilith, I have met so many cool people that I really love and care for.   But with angels, I met people I really wish I hadn't.  From my experience with Qlippoth spirits, I have seen some long-term satisfying results :D

Like with Samael, that stalker NEVER bothered me, again ^^

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