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living and working with household and Spirits

There is a plethora of spirits that may be drawn to your household....

There are many different kinds of spirits that can take up residence in our homes. Ancestor spirits are another spirit that are likely to visit or take up residence in your home. Spirits of the land from around your home may also gravitate into your yard and home.

Putting a name to such spirits is hard, as many of them are quite similar, and others may very well be the same kind, just given a different name by different cultures. What is far more important than what you might call a spirit is whether or not it is friendly.

As you may have figured out by now, if you do wind up with a household spirit (and it may very well be you have one and don’t know it) it is a good idea to pay your respects. Keep in mind, that if you do choose to start leaving gifts out on a regular basis, and then stop, there may be some reprisals from said spirits. I suggest working out some sort of schedule that is reasonable to you and stick to it. For example you may want to leave out gifts to household spirits every full moon, or leave offering for spirits in your yard every second Thursday. What ever works.

If you are a good “landlord” the spirits who have chosen to live in your home will often protect your home.

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