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All over the world, tea is a ritual. Morocco, China, Japan and England all have their own ways of preparing, serving and drinking it but no matter what, tea is essential to their daily existence. A mid-afternoon snack is always enhanced by a steaming mug of tea and breakfast just wouldn’t be the same without it.

The preparation of tea is a ritual in and of itself, watching the color slowly seep into hot water, taking that first, tantalizing sip… Because of this, it is easily integrated into both magic and rituals. Depending on its ingredients, tea can have a vast array of properties from calming and soothing (chamomile) to bright and energizing (caffeinated black teas), much like herbs, stones and other items used in magic.

Ten Ways to Use Tea in Magic and Ritual

  1. Loose leaf tea, especially those found in specialty stores where you can actually see the individual chamomile heads, rose petals or other ingredients, can easily function as a potpourri or part of a charm bag.
  2. Ground up and mixed into cake batter or cookie or bread dough, loose leaf infuses your meal with a light, delicious aroma and flavor plus the magic of whatever kind of tea you used.
  3. Replace plain water with lightly brewed tea when mixing potions.
  4. Simply enjoy a steaming mug or icy cold glass of tea instead of wine or ale in your rituals.
  5. Blend your own tea, pouring your intention into it. In this case, even just drinking the tea in quiet contemplation or packaging it as a gift can be a form of magic.
  6. Make a cup of loose leaf tea in a small, white cup and read your or a friend’s tea leaves.
  7. Host a ‘Witches’ Tea’ and invite your friends over to enjoy a little midnight brew. This would also make a great Samhain/Halloween party theme.
  8. Tea-dye white copy paper (strongly brew a few tea bags in a pot and then drag the bags over the paper to color it) for your Book of Shadows or spells and blessings.
  9. Mix loose leaf tea into homemade soap for ritual preparation or just luxurious baths.
  10. Brew tea, especially those handmade with magical intention, on the stove or fireplace so that it perfumes your entire house.




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