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Magickal Aphrodisiac Sun Tea. It's my Friend.

Today was a good day, my friends.  Vacation day...teenager with friends, hubby and I all alone.  We lounged, and while we lounged, we created a lovely potion.  And then we drank it.  And then we drank each other.  It's so delicious and works so well, we thought we'd share.  Here it is!

Aphrodisiac Sun Tea

Clear glass jar or pitcher

Water to fill 3/4 full

Several tea balls or coffee filters with twist ties

Chai Tea (we used Mrs. Kelly's Purple Chai)

Damiana (4 parts Chai tea to 1 part damiana)

Lime juice

Honey to taste

Jose Cuervo Tequila (optional)


Fill the pitcher or jar with clear filtered water, add the tea balls filled with tea and damiana (or use coffee filters sealed with twist ties), let sit in the sun for several hours.  When brewed, add other ingredients and stir.  Empower the tea with your hands and the following incantation

Damiana herb of lust

Sun God, Ruler of the just

Honey's sweetness on my tongue

Bring us the passion of the young!


Interlock your arms as you drink your first sip.  Then, enjoy responsibly! 



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Comment by Sacha Burgess on July 4, 2011 at 2:39pm

Are you sure you just didn't have too much tequila?  (Just kidding)


I'm going to save this little recipe somewhere for later.  Peace.

Comment by CrystalLotus on July 4, 2011 at 7:35pm
Ha!  Actually, there was relatively little tequila involved.  Too much has the opposite affect, you know....Glad you liked the recipe/spell!


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