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Many people think in gender: male is strong, he has to work. Female is "weak", she has to take care of children and stay at home. Male is above female, etc.

Although this thinking can be overspiced, there is actually some truth to it. Males are more rational, they don't get as scared as most females and females are more emotional and creative. All of this is part of the buidup of life.

Male is cold/winter. He resides in straight thoughts, like a snowflake, he is hard as ice or cold stone, but he also has the creative waters of spring, which is an outward/growing force

Females however have a hot temper and get emotional. They are the creative thought of summer and love flowers and unicorns. xD

Just a little joke. Though females also contain the nourishing waters of autumn. They are an inward/encompassing and caring force.

Then again, both can be very destructive. Women can become wild and burn life to a crisp and men can become careless with a frozen heart of stone or ice.

Yet, life isn't completely like that. Men can rage and women can be cold, it just depends on the situation.

In nature, summer can be rainy and cold and winter rain and warm. ^^

So we should allways see the balance of male and female in both genders.

The womb of females gets outward/male and males can turn inward. It depends on situations.

So we allways have to find balance in our feelings, thoughts and actions.

Vishnu is like a sleeping or dead and cold body, but his avatars are active and love life. Kali is a hot and wild woman, but her children enliven the whole world.

There is no good or evil, at least not purely. Everything is alive and evolving.

Keep loving, keep living, keep leaving life as it is!

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