In her book 'Journey to the dark Goddess' Jane Meredith talks about how important it is to map the territory dark journeys take us through.

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That probably doesn't mean a physical map - although it could. It certainly means writing, singing, speaking, dancing, or anything else you might do to express yourself, to talk about journeys through dark places.

People who do not suffer depression and not endure dark nights of the soul tend to see the dark as a just a state you're in - good and not good, all very binary. But for those of us who go there, is isn't a static experience - most often its a process of falling, and then a process of surfacing, and it can happen in moments, and it can take years.

The more we talk about it, the more we understand the terrain, the better chance we have of making that journey and coming back.

Jane's book is more than a map of the terrain, it's a passionate case for making the journey into darkness in a deliberate way. We can choose to go down there sometimes, choose to listen to the voice of the dark goddess. If we don't have to be relentlessly happy and positive no matter what, we might be able to travel through the darkness and come back much more effectively. We might be more fully ourselves. We might discover parts of ourselves that have not been 'allowed'.

I've suffered from depression for years, and this last year I've applied the logic of Journey to the Dark Goddess as much as I could, and it's really helped.

Here's a link for a blogger who has been mapping the terrain - it's well worth reading.

More about the book here -

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