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Mariam and Simon---the Mythological Background

In order to understand this article it may be helpful to first read the previous post, "Five Lifetimes, by Mariam of Nazareth (Maria the Mother of Jesus)". Simon, the true father of Yeshua (Jesus) was the highest initiate of a mystery school in Alexandria, Egypt. He had a profound understanding not only of the Jewish mysteries but of the Platonic and Pythagorean schools. While he stayed in Nazareth he taught me much of what he knew---and I in turn taught it to my son. He was well prepared to encounter the teachers of the day when he began his youthful journeys. 

We usually view the life of Maria through the lens of the Hebrew scriptures and the prophecy of the Mashiach or Messiah. This viewpoint is certainly valid, but it is possible to view the events of her life from another standpoint in another paradigm. If Mariam had been allowed to become the Queen of Heaven instead of the repressive Cybele I believe that religion in Europe during the middle ages would have resembled Hinduism and Buddhism in two regards. First, there would have been an attitude of toleration for opposing views, including paganism both classical and northern, witchcraft, skepticism, and atheism. The true Maria would have welcomed serious dialog in the Socratic manner. Second, she would have insisted upon the propagation of the teachings of the mystery schools, in particular the teaching of reincarnation. The doctrine that Maria finds most nefarious and heinous above all others is the teaching that God condemns his own sons and daughters to eternal hell. This doctrine, she says, has traumatized generations of children---and the adults that they became.

Here is "Mariam and Simon---the Mythological Background". The music in the video (see below) was composed by Ravi Chawla and is entitled “Chakra of the Inner Child – Original”. It bears a remarkable resemblance to the music of the Hellenistic world.

The scene is an orchard near Nazareth where the adolescent girl Mariam meets her lover, the wise man Simon, and feels drawn into a union with him as though fate or the universe itself were abducting her. In the mythological background to this night of love, Simon, the true father of Yeshua (Jesus) is the god Hades, and she is Persephone. But there is a dimension of myth in addition to this. In Hellenistic Egypt the god Serapis was both Hades and Osiris, and Isis was identified with Persephone as goddess of the underworld. The child of Isis and Serapis was Horus, the king who brings Ra, the Sun, to earth through his reign. Horus is Yeshua, the child of Mariam and Simon. He is symbolized here by a ripening pomegranate fruit, for the pomegranate is the symbol of the marriage vows that united Persephone and Hades, and also resembles the round form of Mariam’s pregnant body. The familiar icon of Maria holding her child Jesus is almost identical to the ancient icon of Isis nursing Horus. I shall now state as a definite fact that Mariam was the incarnation of both Persephone and Isis. In her identity as Persephone she soon suffered a “rape” far worse than any she could have anticipated. Several centuries after her physical death a council of spiritual masters asked her to lie about her son and agree to say that he was conceived by the Holy Spirit of God while she was still a virgin. She refused, warning them that incalculable pain would be inflicted upon future generations if they made this story a dogma of the church. She insisted that she would always tell the truth---Yeshua was conceived in a premarital love affair. The council then expelled her from the Brotherhood of Masters and chose the imperial goddess Cybele to represent a new “deity” for the Christian world---the Virgin Mary. Mariam was only marginally present in Christendom for the next sixteen centuries but for the most part reincarnated in the East, eventually losing contact with her son.

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