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01 alchemy time

I was just bopping around on social media (granted, that was my first mistake), when something began to occur to me. What does it all mean? It seems like everyone is in their own zones seeking after something, expressing something, or ranting about something, but where is the meaning behind it. How does it enrich their lives?

A further occurrence to me was how much part of me wanted to jump into their “zones” and share their experiences with them. I wanted to feel connected to them in some way. I wanted to speak some of my reality into theirs and in some way enrich both of our realities. Was this out of some innate instinct for social interaction or was I just bored?

It was then something profound happened.I realized that I did not have to be part of their zones to feel complete. I am complete within myself and my interactions are by choice, not necessity. I had never thought of it that way before. Literally constructing my reality based on how I choose to exercise my emotions and my thoughts.

This is the foundation of the teachings of the Fellowship of the Ghost Dragon Samurai. At the most primary level of the Art, we are learning to exercise our thoughts and emotions according to our Will. This is revealed in a passage from the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“Every day the fiery ones labored and toiled using only their eyes and thoughts as tools. Every night the Goddesses nurtured the scorpionic-architecture of these monuments and temples in their dreams.”

Our thoughts as expressed through our words and actions have power in the phenomenal world. This may seem obvious to some, but while we understand this on an intellectual level, do we really get it on a heart and gut level? It is easy to wrap one’s head around a concept, however internalizing it and making it one’s own is a different task entirely.

Learning to use these tools is the foundation of the Art of Ninzuwu. We are rediscovering our heritage and our birthright. While many adepts and seekers are able to function within the astral realms for the entirety of their lives, we have a different calling. It is not necessarily higher, but it is something far different from the practices of most adepts. While most adepts focus on honing their astral senses only, we embrace an entirely different set of senses to interact with a world most never see. A lock is turned and a door is opened. I see a glimmer of black light in a white sky.

Thank you all for indulging my musings and I hope they inspire you.

Many Blessings!

Ben McInnis, G.EA., FGDS (Kurido)

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