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I have decided to note some of my meditations down, today was quite an experience and left me feeling emotional. I shall summarise as it was a long meditation, anyone else who meditates with the Morrigan please feel free to share at anytime, we can learn through experiences shared perhaps.


Today I was given a round symbol made of silver with a tree on it, this was given to me by Macha. She stood by a white horse and gave me the symbol telling me to engrave it into my heart by which time it had left an imprint on my right hand. At which point Badb decided to lead me to a vast amount of trees and when I looked up there was a circle of light above them. I focused on this circle and complete silence took me.


I then saw small crow feathers raining down, hundreds of them against the light, so many they covered me then one droplet of blood dripped onto my face which became a smear across my nose, just one drop. I stood there like this for the longest time and have to admit, I didn't desire to return to normality and still feel like I haven't in some ways.


I was also given these words by SHE, make of them what you shall -


"Being fragile, you know answers of this land and more answers are possible than can be found through silenced bark. Though blood is life and battle scars, look into the wild howl and return."


I think this is one of the most powerful meditations I have had with her to date and will take me some time to ground my emotions because somehow I am still half there in that light and covered in feathers, feeling stripped to the bone, somehow. I wanted to share this because I believe by sharing we grow together and open our minds and Morrigan was quite ok with me sharing ;)  

Hail Morrigan!

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