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In a palace of gold and lapis

With doorways marked by burning braziers

Frankincense hanging in the air

Sits a Princess at her bath

Roses and water lilies float on the surface of the water

Three maidens in silk and leaving nothing to the imagination anoint her with fragrant oil

A golden screen divides the room

There is shouting in the room beyond

The eunuch sees what is amiss

A man pushes him aside

“You must not disturb the Princess in her bath my King!” the eunuch protests.

“I am your King, and I do as I please,” came the response, pushing the eunuch aside.

The King walks to her side, drinking deep her beauty

His heart breaks, and sorrow his soul.

“I have to send you away my love,” he says to her.

“But we are about to be wed!” she protests, “I love you, do not send me away!”

She grabs his arm, revealing the cobra tattoo

The sounds of swords suddenly fill their ears

Screaming echoes throughout the palace halls

There is darkness

There is nothing

But death.

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