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Hello, everyone. My name is Dove Pearlthorne and I am a new member on this site. If you read my profile, you will see that I am studying Tameran Wicca, which is Wicca that follows the ancient Egyptian pantheon. I am also looking at Kemeticism as a craft/religion, which is why I listed Kemetic Wicca as well. Forgive me if that is offensive somehow because that is truly not my intention. 

Anyway, I am a baby witch, even though I discovered Wicca a few years ago. It never really clicked until I discovered Tameran Wicca. Before that I was sort in a fog; just really going through the motions of being witch and trying to excite myself about my religion, but it never really worked. Prior to my discovery of Tameran Wicca, I was interested in Celtic and Green witchcraft and Wicca, but that honestly isn't something I've been particularly interested. I guess I'm sort of a black sheep that way because I know that is a very popular area of witchcraft, but, personally, I've always been drawn to Bastet and the Egyptian pantheon. Mostly this is because their Gods took on the forms of animals and I've always loved animals, and thought there was some sort of mystical, higher power about them.

Um, as a child I was inspired to explore alternative religions and forms of spirituality because my family is Native American (Blackfoot and Inuit), and my great-grandmother was a full-blooded Inuit medium, who could communicate with spirits and practiced witchcraft before she was married. My grandfather used to tell me I was just like her growing up. It was not a compliment. I used to get in a lot trouble, actually, because I expressed interests in things like white magic(k) and Tarot cards, and believed in ghosts and spirits. My family forced me to go to church, which eventually led to me being suicidal because I was told repeatedly I would burn in hell for my beliefs in ghosts and my interests in Harry Potter. 

But when I started high school, I started studying spirit reverence and Shamanism because I thought it would help me learn more about NA spirituality and Japanese Shintoism. I was very interested in Eastern magic(k) and witchcraft for a very long time because of my interests in anime and manga. My studies eventually led me to Goddess worship and nature worship, especially after I discovered the movie The New World, which tells the life story of Rebecca Rolfe (Pocahontas) who I had always looked up as a child ever since I watched the Disney movie about her. It wasn't until I met my ex-husband, however, that I started studying Wicca and witchcraft. 

My husband eventually threw me out because I am mentally ill and he was tired of trying to "fix" me (long story, do not ask). Then I lived with my mother for a few months before she threw me out because of our religious differences. I was homeless for a year and now here I am. 

I am hoping that by studying Tameran Wicca, I will be able to learn more about myself and my craft. I plan on purchasing a copy of The Circle of Isis to help me with my studies, but at the moment I am reading Drawing Down the Moon and am utilizing pretty every facet of the internet to help me learn as much as I can about both Tameran Wicca and Kemeticism because like I said, I am interested in that branch of witchcraft as well. I also plan on incorporating spirit reverence into my practices because my family, ancestors, and the spirits of nature have always been very important to me. 

If anyone has any suggestions on books I should read or might find interesting, please feel free comment. And I'm sorry if what I've written is of no interest to you. I just felt like sharing in hopes of finding like-minded witches. 

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