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It's disheartening to not be able to find a group of pagans to meet with, gather with, etc. There are one or two within a 50 mile radius, but they're more political and into social causes than anything else. Nothing peaceful about them. They're just as rigid and intolerant as the groups they are rebelling against. I want a strong spiritual foundation without having politics brought into the picture. This one group gathers to mainly protest. Protest what? Protest everything. If there's a cause, they protest. This other group seems a bit more of what I'm into but they're so elitist. You have to fill out applications and be interviewed before you can take part in their events. 

I don't understand why these people are so angry and combative. It's drama that I don't need in my life. I choose to remain a solitary practitioner rather than be a part of something that is anything but peaceful. 

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