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Minerva at home in the Oxford University Library

I found the picture of Minerva that appears on the left of the art piece below in November or December of 2016 and saved it because I liked her slightly sad, sensitive face. About a month ago I found a better reproduction of the picture along with a companion photo, which appears on the left. The person who posted the picture on the internet said that he could not discover where the statue was located. Obviously Europe, I thought---but I didn't know where either. Finally I decided to give the goddess a home in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. I wanted her to have a second-story apartment where the students would not disturb her meditations. So I moved her in. It was difficult getting the piano up the stairs.

My idea might not be fanciful. Minerva represents the soul and spirit of the British people as they withstood the attacks of Adolf Hitler in the first years of WWII, alone in Europe, alone in the world. As a matter of occult fact, Minerva was the muse and inner-plane teacher of Winston Churchill, and she carefully prepared him for his role in the war decades before that conflict. Minerva knew that Hitler would threaten the European civilization that she did so much to create. Listen to his famous speeches to hear what she herself would have said if she had a physical body. He did not channel the speeches, but "mother" and "son" thought alike. Whether you call her Minerva or Athena, she is the mother of philosophy and the mother of heroes. In the musical scene below she is playing one of her favorite pieces of music, the Symphonia No. 2 (Three-part Invention for Keyboard) by J.S. Bach. Click on the link to hear the music.

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