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For those who read my blog regularly, monday is the day I make supplies. Today I added some ingredients to my Summer incense blend some dried strips of peels/rinds of orange and lemon. Some thyme from my garden. I did not plant thyme guess a bird  left some seed and a little plant of thyme grows on my patio area. For weeks I had been thinking about buying some herb plants this year. Made some colored sands green , orange and peach colors, for my incense burner using food coloring. Sand is from the pet supplies shop.

Gathered some fresh pine cones oozing fresh resin I have them in a paperlunchbag as these are sticky they have an amazing pine fragrance. My pine tree has blue cones which turn brown later in fall. Last year I gathered some in fall. This year I wanted them with resin fresh from my garden. The tree it is little 4 ft tall but produces cones since a few years.

Gathered some fresh lavender flowers to dry.

From lavender and mugwort which dried past weeks I refilled one of my dream pillows.

Made some fresh smudge sticks to dry a few of only mugwort from my garden. Two marjoram& mugwort, and one rosemary,mugwort & lavender. I dry them in my niche altar which is a deep small windowsill of which the window usually is slightly open for fresh air in the hallway.

Bundled a fresh asperger to do later of fresh mint, marjoram and rosemary sprigs.

Made some fresh orange water with essential oil orange and fresh water for my altar use.

Started some blended oils. Stirred the Not-So-Kyphy starter incense blend. Noted items I need to buy online to continue my blends.

Looked at my candles inventory see what colors I need to get some new.

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