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So basically there is a spirit or something in my tv, sigh , this is sometimes my life for weeks :( It is obsessed with "jumping from the screen " to me etc. Also it totally takes over the tv characters and then obsesses itself with driving me away from the tv screen. The laast couple days it's number one topic of conversation  is  basically trying to make personal conversation about  what I have let my friends in Pan do?? I mean they eat sleep and live with me? Why is it some strangers job to tell me what we can do with and to each other? i mean they get really personal and hurtful sometimes if they dont get their way/// like small children I mean time cant go by fast enough for me! I mean once I get to Texas I am MEVER coming back to this god forsaken place!!

Yesteray I was walking around and one of them turned my feet to boots - maybe firemans boots or something? I mean what kind of being goes into another one to wear boots? It wasnt one of mine I think it thinks its my neice again or something? but she wouldnt wear firemans boots either. Basically I like my own Body, alot actually. I wish it would take its outfits on to maybe a fireman or a firemans wife, maybe a family in construction. It really likes dirty men without much interest in music  clothes and sex like me.

It always wants to sit with me to look into my personal ads - but then it wants to get up and go somewhere ? somewhere? no one really knows where and i tries to force me off that instead. Then of course there is one in my dads life that wants to me to yell at it. It ovbiously has role reversal problems I dont yell at my 85 year oold dad he needs a psyche ward. 

Some of them got into my boyfriend Justin and he went into the psych ward, I went into visit him and lazy half done pans were all over it, males and females. I guess a bunch of them couldnt consumate again :( so wake . Im increasing sleep in me and my get at this time. Sleep makes a mind clearer. Also I could see all the psych ward workers personal information in the sky from my moms house 50 miles away :( someone should really get the sky back to work ASS the sky so things would be more normal.

On a positibe note the Walgreen team seems to be struggling to be a positive force sometimes, it almost seems like a normal store sometimes, got special tickets twice or so. 

of note, i was riding on the bus and I saw my Dead aunt cathys body - real size and felt heavy too ??? get thrown on the ground in a park.

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