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Sooner or later we all have to come to terms that this flesh granted to us isn't eternal. It's common sense. You are only slated for so much time per go around. My opinion at least. Not trying to force feed it to anyone or bring you down. Just being philosophical if that's what you want to call it. Happens when death visits someone close to me though. These skins of ours are not eternal folks. All to soon they run their courses then it's on to the next chapter. Be that an afterlife, another go in a new vessel, or whatever you might believe. What I'm trying to get to is this. Live it up people while you have this particular life to live. Never know when it's going to end. Could be years after the suffering like my aunt's father or thirty seconds after I post this. We don't get much of a real say in the matter. Way above our paygrades. Hence the reason I say live it up. I can do that here on my end in my way. For you all? Well that is all up to each of you. Hope whatever you choose it works for you. Now before I depress anyone or myself more I'll wrap it up. Until our pathes cross again then. Have a good one. Blessings.

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