The Continental airplane crash has struck a chord with this nation, and I've been touched by many of the remembrances posted around the web. My college hockey teammate was on that flight, and I've been numb for the past week trying to get my heart to understand I will never see her again in this life. Maddy was such a caring teammate. I'll never forget how supportive and excited she was for me before my first collegiate start, and she kept skating by during the game shouting encouragement. I just had to share my memories of her somewhere, so that maybe others can understand how special she was. I know this community has been sending their thoughts and energy to those most suffering during this time and I've felt that support, and wanted you all to know I appreciate it. Please keep it coming; the pain I feel is nothing compared to the family's grief and sense of loss. The Lord and Lady will make the grief lessen in time, and take the souls of those lost into their loving embrace, but for now we can only remember their time with us. Thank you all again and Blessed Be.

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