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MoonTree is gearing up for pre-production on And Then There Were Nuns! Which means I have a lot less time to spend with my friends here and outside as spring begins. My only consolation is that once we start filming this summer, I'll be forced to be outside for up to 16 hours a day! Even if it will be in costume under a pound of fake blood, or padded up to film the fight sequences. As the only cameraman with a goalie helmet I find myself volunteered for the dangerous work. Funny how that works out. A lot of change is coming up for both me and MoonTree; a move to a smaller apartment which will also double as our production office, a positive change in my relationship and a lot of sleepless nights spent under the Mother planning storyboards and camera layouts. I hope to share this with you all, over at our website and here, to show you all the hard work and occasional luck that goes into making a movie. So stay tuned!

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