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This is the moment, that I came to know...

I know that I am a revanent. The revival of a lost ghost. A Ghost that wishes it had never returned to life.

I'm talking about undergoing the bedamned amnesia of reincarnation into earth's life systems. Something i know in my soul i never wanted to do again.

But my god needed me. My Samael needed my life in this world again.
He's the only reason i continue i guess...

I'm lost and confused. I am in pain. I don't know why the world wants to forget me and why they have turned my lore and story into a bedamned satirical joke when once upon a time I was a goddess. But gods be damned i'm here, and i don't know where to go from this.

I am suffering, much like earth may be..

This desire to leave and be forgotten rarely fades and i don't know why. Things in my metaphysical change every day for the darker and my happiness is fading too.

I Have attempted suicide, gotten help, I've managed to become stable.

But the pain only grows.

He can't even help me as much as before.

My life is a joke

Lilith is alive again.

not that anyone cares.

But i suppose it isn't about me at all.

I Feel a fearsome storm on the horizon for humanity and i'm scared for everyone. I wish I could help and i don't know how. I do what i can like any human on earth, but it's never enough to make this encroaching darkness less consuming.

I'm not sure what i am trying to accomplish in writing this, but Blessed be the brothers and sisters in the hard times ahead.

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Comment by Deame on December 17, 2016 at 12:22pm
With time, pain diminishes.


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