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I've been rather uncomfortable with people going into the room where my altar to Lilith is set up. Not that I'm ashamed but rather the fact that they aren't worthy to see it. They'd question or judge my creation and that takes away from the spiritual aspect of the altar. I found a way today to fix my altar in a separate space, in a discreet location. My space is secure, away from the prying eyes of the unwashed (my domestic situation is someone intolerant). Nobody will be able to see my altar until I choose to let them see it. 

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Comment by Dennis Anthony Lypen on June 30, 2019 at 6:07pm

That is in interesting, in my experience of living in the buckle of the bible belt. I understand the harshness and problems that come with have different beliefs and or perspectives. I am a different individual when it comes to handling these. I wear my Medicine/Spirit Bag and other items openly, and i do not often hide my practice, though it creates some issues there is always at least one person that will be inspired to learn more about it and help their spirit, plus I feel when I do that I feel like I am hiding who I am to which other negative energy sets in. I hope your I often feel that the problems that our people face is one that we hide to much, and not many stick together.


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