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As I said in another blog, I am creating my alter, for the first time.

From what I have read it is to consist of items from my journey thus far, correct?

I am adding to it from comments I read, that inspire me, like.. KIVA... a square space made round and items, as well as.. : Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Can you share any points of interest with me, on how to make this all it can be for myself.

It is set on an antique chest of drawers, which was my Mothers (RIP) I have/had a round mirror on the wall over that dresser, is that okay? or should I remove it?

Miigwetch, Thank you for your input! Blessed be!

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Comment by Wolfie on June 18, 2016 at 7:15am

Aanii (Bozho), Snowy.

Your altar will consist of things that are representative of what system you follow, as well as components you believe are meaningful to you, and beneficial to your practices. 

For example, my altar consists of a Goddess statue, and stones that are representative of her; a turtle figurine, abalone shell and sweet-grass all given to me by my mother, my Tarot cards, candles, and seasonal representations as well. These are reflective of my eclectic nature. When necessary I may add representations of the elements, but the box on which my altar sits is too small to accommodate everything I'd like, so it only holds the more important items at the moment.

It's rather common for people to make their altars on dressers, many of which have mirrors. Whether the mirror stays or not is up to you. If it's distracting, you could always cover it with a cloth when your altar is in use.

**MY** view is...if your altar consists of things that are important to you and help you practice your system better, then it's set up fine. 

Comment by Enigma on June 18, 2016 at 10:41am

I think it is great to have an altar or shrine in your home. It can be such a great place of comfort and support for yourself and even the family.

Comment by Snowy Kwe on June 18, 2016 at 10:44am

Thank you so much for your input Enigma and Wolfie! The mirror thing I was really wondering about and couldn't find a solid answer online with regards.. I will drape a cloth over for sure. Again thank you so much.. Miigwetch!  :)

Comment by forestmuse on June 26, 2016 at 1:18pm

Snowy..  an altar is a focus point or gathering place depending on what you want it for..  unless it makes sense to YOU.. or has meaning to you.. it means nothing..  as far as a mirror goes.. umm. that totally depends on what you are doing your altar for..  If you are using it to connect with a God or Goddess or as a representation of the  spiritual figure you are devoting to .. then it depends on that object or focus of the altar...     If the altar is just to represent your path and beliefs and a way to center and focus when being spiritual . that is totally different..       the question is........... WHY ?  why are you making an altar   what is the altar purpose .. why do you believe you need an altar?    a mirror is and can be an integral gateway or pathway or representation or even a support .. or it can be a distraction..   so for the matter can be an altar.............   Not all people have altars............    It sounds as if you are choosing an altar because you feel you should have one due to the pathway you have chosen..

that is and can be a good reason.........  it all depends. on  whether it is necessary.. or whether you are just doing it because you feel you should or have read about it.....  even then.. if an altar or an idea of an altar resonates with you.. that is also a good enough reason..    always ask questions..  WHY ?  

Comment by Snowy Kwe on June 26, 2016 at 2:34pm

Thank you so much Forestmuse...    I have had 2 heart attacks, had my life threatened a couple times and deal with a painful disease daily..I have learnt over the past 10 years there are things I need in my life and that is focus on the good, in this world and most importantly spiritual world. I have begun the alter and have items that have meant something to me, give to me by those I am most closed too and have helped me through a lot of turmoil. I have been using the alter for my smudging area,... as I do for my ojibway culture as well... I have begun a few chants, meditation to bring that wish I want closer to me with lit candles and burning herbs. I want to collect what I need in stones and gems.. my biggest concern was the mirror, but when I am meditating or smudging, I have been placing a scarf over it. I have been feeling a sense of calm/serenity since I 've been practicing some of the4 beliefs at this site, making them my own.. as well as praising, God and Goddess...  my birth name is Cynthia..

Thank you for your imput and yes, I ask why a  Be well.


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