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Classes of magic:










Black or Unholy Magic: Drawn from Mazoku and their subordinates, often times offensive and destructive in nature.


White or Holy Magic: Drawn from the gods and their subordinates, usually more defensive.


Shamanistic: Magic drawn from nature, nature spirits, or spirits.


Fusion magic: Magic that is fused from two or more forces, often times, two opposite forces.


Auto-magic: Magic that comes from the self.


Chaos magic: Magic that draws from the primordial chaos.


Nature of effects:


Sustained: The spell is sustained until lifted, expired, or broken.


Unsustainable: Magic that expires after the spell is done, i.e. doesn't stay.






Summoning magic: Sustained magic used with the goal summoning a being or thing. Evoking is the same as summoning, invocation is a type of summoning in which the person places an entity in an object or being.


Creation magic: Magic used to create something, i.e. golem, usually sustained magic.


Banishing/Wards: Magic used to banish. Usually, banishings are unsustained, while wards are sustained.


Death magic: Magic used to cause destruction, (Any kind of destruction.) can be sustained or unsustained. Usually, does not last long.


Curse:  A curse is used to sustain misfortune on a foe.


Purfication: Magic used to purify an area of something. A majority of the time it is not sustainable.


Dispelling: magic that dispells other spells.


Consencration: Magic designed to make a specific object (and maybe being?) dedicated to the something or someone.


Shielding: Spells that block and shield.


Trap/Trick: Spells that are specifically used in trapping entities and using tricks. These including illusion spells.


Boost: Spells that are to boost a trait or thing in life of the caster or ally. (Flying spells and spells to attract someone to you.) Boost spells are sustained or can boost someone's stats for a short period, teaching the skills they need, and disappear.


Healing: Magic specifically made for recovery. It is usually unsustained unless for a prolonged period.


Bindings: Sustained magic that bounds something or someone to an object, place, or thing.


Dream [otherworld] magic: Spells geared specifically for dreaming.


Shapeshifting: The art of turning into other things or beings, usally an animal. Shapeshifting, is almost always sustained.


Drain: Magic designed specifically to take life force or other energies from a target or targets to heal the caster with. It is uncommon for it to be sustained for long periods and is almost always offensive.






This is all I can think of now. I'll add more with suggestions.

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