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1 - About The Fae
2 - Elementals / Exus / Pomba-Giras
3 - Species & Origins / Cross-Breeding Amongst Species

4 - Mineral Truths Cannot Always Be Relied Upon

5 - In Re Of the late ZS & His Works

6 - Sim! Bem Diferente Mas Muito Feliz - Revisado


As you may know, the Fae, the Faeries are of the Species called Elementals and they really and truly are here, there and everywhere on Earth.

However, there are many infinite and eternal Astral Levels a.k.a. Realms a.k.a. Parallel Dimensions such as Inter & Outer Universes and of course many infinite types of different Elementals and of Other Beings which are not Elementals as the Ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods but different Species of/from the Ultimate Supreme Source of All Creations and of all Existence, the Goddess Mother Creatress Herself.

The Elementals known as Fairies have a great wealth of their expression of being, the plural diversity of many forms of existence at many levels.

Back in the early 1980s, I was newly married and had my first child/daughter...
I had felt the need to invite the Scottish Faeries and later the English Faeries to come to live with my family here in my home in the USA.

They came and they stayed and have been there for the journey.
The relationship of Human beings and the Fae depend upon mutual trust and the loyal and eternal bonds which reach out and cross over many lifetimes. many timezones, many family trees.

We (all of existence) share the pull of the infinite and eternal Ultimate Supreme Source which calls for eternal and infinite Evolution as we keep on discovering and re-discovering that we, everything and all existence are made of Change.

How does one get to see, to hear, to understand the Fae?

It always happens after both parties have learned to respect and to trust each other's love, each other's friendship and each other's well-being enough to become each other and walk in each other's shoes and share the dance of evolution.

True friends of the Fae are themselves members of the Fae family, people who know both sides of being, of existence, people who can handle to remember other time-zones / time-bands, other Species and still remain at peace with the present journey.

That's why, everything of Fae, really and truly is much more than this Species' own made-up belief and language and their made-up values and made-up ways of conduct.

The Fae are beautiful, sacred and just like any other Creature, the Fae is in its own infinite and eternal Evolution journey.

Evolution unites all Existence, all Species, all Beings, all Time-zones and all Realms...
Because it allows for us all to experience "All That There Is" and to surrender our essence to what we choose from the depths of our being.

Faeries can be one's best friends if not more...

Best wishes,

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



The Enchanted/Encantado types of Fae / Elementals a.k.a. Female Exus a.k.a. Pomba Giras & Exus, they have not incarnated as a Human Being before, has not been born outside of its own Species of Creatures/Beings.

The Non-Enchanted/Non-Encantado types have already incarnated either as Human Beings or as Other Species outside its own Species of Creatures/Beings. I myself come from Fae blood.

The Characteristics of Un-Incarnated/Non-Incarnated and/or Cross-Reincarnated human beings of different Other Species?

It can range from what we deem Bad to what we deem Good in the mineral senses of matter, material world because for instance, if/when an Elemental from the many infinite and eternal Astral/Elemental Kingdoms and Regions, an elemental who has never ever been born as a human being does come to incarnate for his/her/its very first few incarnations into this Species (that we call Human Beings).

Mind you, this elemental has never dealt with this Species system of Mineral Senses, never felt what we call PAIN before, never had the benefit of the “EMOTIONS” that human beings know via the element/elemental of WATER in their temporary vessel/vehicle/body, never felt Fear and so forth.

It is quite possible that such an incarnated elemental will surely go through a few lifetimes that she/he will feel like the Character played by Bill Murry in the dear film called "Groundhog Day".

Death as we all are taught to think of it and to know it by this Species’ own mainstream invented socio-religio-politico collections of many invented Belief and Language and its many invented associated Values and invented associated Ways of Conduct, it all means absolutely NOTHING.

Chiefly, when you come in to this temporary passage from cradle to grave but empowered by the possession of privileged information such as your own personal knowing and equally your personal memories that lifetimes are but different episodes, different shows in either the same or different realms and time-zones.

The invented “Values System and its associated Ways of Conduct” special sense of this Species related to what we call Accountability and Responsibility goes away as there are not any Real & True Consequences At All which the other Species, the Fae/Exu/Elemental can sense, can detect from its/her/his other realms pre-Existence and all the past-Incarnations/Adventures in this realm.

Ergo, after a bunch of incarnations, Elementals tend to become wiser and they dedicate themselves to teach, to share their volunteered lifetimes and/or they simply return to Elemental kingdoms via incarnation into its own original Species, but Non-Enchanted/Non-Encantado because of the evolution acquired by the Knowledge of being born in other Species.

Many of the best and a few of the worst human beings have been of Elemental origin, ergo Fae.

Human beings have all types of different Species incarnating within this Species for the sake of Evolution, for benign and natural reasons.

There an infinite and eternal abundance of different Species all over the many plural Cosmos / Universes, Many-Universes, Galaxies and much different realms and types of existence which will sooner or later show up here as Human Beings for a while, of course. It is all About Evolution and not about the Species at all.

Some are frightened to tell the truth even if it is right in front of them.

Others are quick to make excuses, lots of damage-control and even lies iin order to either save face or discredit what it is obvious and real, these are people who are bound to the slavery-offices of their cultural "mainstream safe and tried"...

They will pass, they will return and return and they will evolve!


Salve, Hail, Cheers To All Elementals, Fae, Pomba-Giras & Exus in general, All Fae Kingdoms & Realms!

Sarava! Laroye,

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



You, yourself the reader, without the benefit of past-lives regression and natural memory of past incarnations, how can you be sure what was your original Species of birth?

Most people will arrive at incarnations that they will be prepared to remember, to revisit, to recall and to be at peace with it.

Awareness can always be a blessing, a bliss, if we ditch the invented fear imposed by those who peddle ignorance for a chance to keep their control over the populations while they are in the flesh.

Our present Species a.k.a. Human Beings, we are difficult and we are hard to learn, we need Evolution more than any other Species because we can be barbaric, wilful ignorant, blindly primitive and quite a huge pain in the butt / nuisance to all of the other Species who have to put up with us.

Importance and relevance change when you are allowed more information which opens you beyond the illusions of this Species' ordinary senses and their limited routine of knowing.

The welcoming/inviting promptings of these denser realms and time-zones can look like and really seem like sacred Fountains of endless pleasure and happiness.

But it is always difficult because, we are not alone, while we are incarnated in the flesh.
This flesh is a living universe of its own, its owners are the Elementals who enable format in order to accommodate our Light/Soul within, Mother Nature's own connecting lines to us all are present in our Light/soul and within our temporary formats as elemental vessels serve as homes for us during our passages on earth.

Everything that we do and find and feel, we do it in group, in league with, in joint venture with our bodies.

We and our bodies are both experiencing Evolution and we incarnate and we are never taught to act in mutual respect, mutual love and harmony with the home of our bodies, our dear Elementals.

Jung had observed that Completion lacks Perfection and equally Perfection lacks Completion.


Because of the foundation of all everyone and everything stands upon an eternal and infinite constant of Changes.

When we consider something complete, the time passes and it always proves that it could've been improved by the new discoveries which would render the completions of the past as obsolete and not perfect nor even complete as once it was believed to be.

Well, the very same applies to Perfection, when we consider something perfect, times passes and it always proves that it was not complete nor perfect as once it was believed to be, and again because new discoveries open new possibilities and new improvements, etc.

In the end, we all can conclude, because of our own Nature of Being as we are made of change, there is no possibility of final completion as nothing really and truly ever ends but only transforms and in reality, nothing gets damaged nor broken, nor sick nor destroyed at the Atom level as Atoms do not die but simply change as we all do.

The nature of all Existence is eternal and infinite changes, such definitely leaves out the possibility for completion or even for perfection.

The only perfection and the only completion that we will always find is our Nature of being eternal and infinite because what we call LIFE is really CHANGE and such is Existence at its best, perfect and complete within its eternity and infinity.


The Enchanted/Encantado Elemental/Fae, they are the types of Fae that have not incarnated as a Human Being before, the type that has not been born outside of its own original Species of Creatures/Beings.

The Non-Enchanted/Non-Encantado Fae/Elemental, there are the types of Fae that have already incarnated, either as Human Beings, or as any Other Species outside its own original Species of Creatures/Beings.

It can range from what we deem bad to good because for instance, if/when an Elemental from the many infinite and eternal Astral/Fae/Elemental Kingdoms and Regions, an elemental who has never ever been born as a human being does come to incarnate for his/her/its very first few incarnations into a new Species to them, for instance, this Species (that we call Human Beings).

Mind you, this Fae/Elemental has never dealt with this Species system of Mineral Senses, never felt PAIN before, never had the benefit of the EMOTIONS that human beings know, never felt Fear and so forth...

It is quite possible that such an incarnated Fae / Elemental will surely go through a few lifetimes that he will feel like the Character played by Bill Murry in the dear film called "Groundhog Day".

Death as we are taught to think of it and as we know it by mainstream information, it actually means absolutely NOTHING when you have privileged information as you personally believe, expect and know via your personal memories that lifetimes are but different episodes, different shows in either the same or different realms and time-zones.

The sense of accountability and the sense of responsibility, they go away as there are not any real consequences which the Fae / Elemental may or can sense or detect from its/her/his adventures.

So, after a bunch of incarnations, Fae / Elementals tend to become wiser and they dedicate themselves to teach, to share their volunteered lifetimes.

And/or, they simply choose to return to their Elemental Kingdom Incarnation into its own original Species, both Non-Enchanted & Non-Enchanted.

Because of the Evolution acquired by the Knowledge of the Experience of Being born in Other Species, it is Wisdom for the Fae / Elemental, and they go on within the dance of their own eternal and infinite Evolution.

Many of the best people and a few of the worst human beings have all been of ELEMENTAL Origin, ergo of Fae.

I myself come from/of Fae blood/Essence.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

POMBA-GIRAS / EXUS / FAE / Elementals – Revised

Fae - Faeries / Fairies and Other Elementals from Other
Realms such as Astral, Light, Dark Matter and an Infinite/Eternal variety of Other Realms, Time-Bands, different forms of Existence.

Most of the time, in real time, in real life, it is all much different to what it is the BOOKS would like the people to believe, much different to what Hollywood/ & the Films would like for the people to believe...

When it comes to the Occult per-se, and the very virtues of real Magick which at times gets labelled as Miracles, and when it comes to equally also Other Non-Mainstream-oriented Paranormal Activities such as Manifestations, Materialisations, Time-Leaps, Time-Portals, Teleportation, Telepathy, Past-lives Regressions / Reincarnations, Séances, Communications, Communion and Awareness with the Other Realms.

It sort of, takes all of the fun out of it for me!
Well, because for the mainstream entertainment purposes, and chiefly, when one understands, knows and has experienced the REAL THING.

And, way too many times before it becomes difficult and hard to be fooled by the Real Fakers such as Hollywood / the Films and/or, the mainstream pure rubbish, biased, greedy, fear-and-hatred-oriented, harmful and useless Religions and their Religious Anti-Human-Beings, Dualistic / Patristic / Misogynous / Warring / Murderer-oriented & Vengeful Mythologies.

The Real Thing, such is invariably quite different, and most of the time, one must feel it under one's own skin first!
Equally, one must know it inside of one's own soul, in order to own it indeed!

Finally, to see beyond it and to understand its relevance, its individual and collective meaning and its reasons for being as it is.

Nothing ever happens in vain or by accident, it was, it is and it has always been written in the Stars since the beginning of All.

Yes, our essence’s free will, our original part of the presence of our infinite and eternal Creatress within us all, Her Creation.


By - Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


There are not any peace in extremes of any kind...

And to hold on to pain can only draw and attract more of it. The same applies to bad times, to bad experiences and so forth. We can either make our situation an adventure or an ordeal. It all depends upon our choice of Attitude.

A special fact which must always be considered is "REINCARNATION" coupled with "Past Lives Regressions".

Because, once that any person re-visits, recalls, remembers well a few past incarnations / past-lifetimes/ past-time-zones...
Karma is not seen anymore in the same way which it has been portrayed by all this and that Hindu and Buddhist influenced bodies of teachings.

The fact is, asceticism is rubbish! Heaven and hell is pure rubbish as well. I do not mean to offend anything nor anybody at all but I happen to have been there to know for myself and beyond the academia of the books and their fanciful socio-religio-politico dressing-up clothes of language and belief, values and ways of conduct.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



In any of the many denser realms and their band-waves of many time-zones throughout many different Worlds/Cosmos/Universes/Realms including this very time in this very planet, there are different Species, different Creatures, different Beings being born within the Human Being Species for the first time, therefore, these Lights/Souls do know nor understand this Species' own invented concepts of what is painful and harmful and what it is not.

I've known of, for instances beings from the Elemental Kingdoms coming as Human Beings and choosing big theatrical endings that they did not know were going to be very painful, dramatic and shocking.

The concept of Construction and Destruction when viewed from a Quantum Academia perspective for instance, it reveals that we and everything that exists, we all are made of matter, atoms and atoms do not get damaged nor destroyed, but simply re-grouped in different orders and sequences.

When we see destruction, we see it with our Mineral Senses of this temporary material body that we journey within from cradle to grave, our Light/Soul is much more than the temporary vehicles/vessels.

The body does not get destroyed, it reverts back to different groupings of atoms in different orders and sequences, the four Elements/Elementals who form our body, they depart to their home levels and they return to their original natural formats.

What we call LIFE is simply Existence, we exist. But when we are prepared to see life/existence from the perspective of eternity, of the infinity which all changes are made of, we realize nothing gets damaged for ever, nothing dies, nothing is really born, it is all dynamics of Changes, changes which all Existence is made of.

From the perspective of past-lives regression, it is easy to understand why we have light/soul-level players who choose to play the bad guys and other light/soul-level players who
choose to be the good guys.

In the end, outside this level and outside the lower levels of Astral Regions which it is but an ever changing learning Theatre for reruns for the benefit of those beings / lights / souls / creatures whose nature is fond of Emotions a.k.a. Elemental Kingdom Water Elementals and require their Assistance in order to evolve beyond those astral regions.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



Many years ago, I wrote and commented on late dear Zecharia Sitchin's article on the US printed Mountain Astrologer Magazine and I had pointed out to him the wise and dignified necessity of Non-Dualistic, Non-Mainstream and Freedom with Wisdom approach to the Mythologies of the big and rich mainstream Religions and their absurd imposition upon the populations.

I loved all of his books (they are good mind-stretchers for the population) but as I've pointed out to him, myself, minus and without all of the Dualism, without all of the Patrism, without all of the big and rich mainstream religions endorsements. For instance, one of my articles on the late Z Sitchin's work had to do with...

My Views On Nibiru (a.k.a. Planet X, 12th Planet, Anunnaki et ad nauseum...)

At times, friends, people in general write me and they ask my opinion on Nibiru and its well-uninformed / dis-informed Sense of Emergency where there is none to find at all.

Zecharia Sitchin pulled Nibiru (a.k.a. Planet X, 12th Planet, Anunnaki, etc) out of his own Dualistic / Patristic Interpretation / Understanding of Mesopotamian Cultures via ancient Babylonian / Sumerian / Akkadian / Assyrian Mythologies.

Nancy Lieder had got Nibiru after she mentally talked to ETs…

Everything about Nibiru, as well as everything associated with it, as every related Doomsday prediction over Nibiru, they have all crashed and burned, no exceptions at all! They all flatly failed.

Jewish & Christian Conservatives would love to find ways to justify their dualistic / patristic mythologies in order to reinforce their men-made/invented collections of invented "Belief and Language" along with their invented/men-made collections of invented "Values and of invented Ways of Conduct". And chiefly via these primitive, miserable, moronic, misogynous/anti-women, anti-LGBTQ, prejudiced/biased & bigoted (men-made/invented) Mythological Tales ( fables / stories / fiction ) and devoid of any humanity.

Folks, the Ultimate Supreme Being of All, was never ever the mean, vengeful, ignorant and two-faced Moron which our Species has made "It" to be via our infamous, men-made/invented-by religious and political hustlers Holy Rubbish of the "God told me so" much alike as the playful but infantile "Simons says", absolutely pure rubbish for primitive, simple-minded people and it has no place in the minds and intelligence of modern, well-educated / cultured people!

And if one has an ET or some invented Planet and / or any freaking Rock out in space which seems to fit the moronic / miserable tale and also handy & easy to be molded / embellished, media-spun / utilized to inflict Fear upon populations in order to Obtain more Control and to Keep the Control over the Thinking of the Populations on Earth along theatrical lines as invented mythological lines / scripts, a good show for primitive people devoid of well-informed and well-educated critical thinking.

Then you’ve got yourself a winner for the willful ignorant.
I think the Nibiru bit is still spinning for the sake of Dis-information & Mis-information purposes and all of it for the sake of those who do not know the facts behind the Holy Rubbish!

Big Religions have done more harm to people & populations in general than any other men-made / invented rubbish and since the beginning of time.

My personal opinion of Nibiru, its tales, its doomsdays rubbish…
It is all mythological poop!

No offence is hereby meant to anybody at all.
However, in my opinion, to myself, it is indeed Pure Rubbish!

By Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


Dec. 8th, 2013


Às vezes quando nós encontramos gente nova, pessoas novas, conhecidos novos.

Nós podemos não pensar nisso e talves nem pensemos em deduzir o fato que aquelas outras pessoas podem a’ princípio, pensar em nós como ameaças culturais ou simplesmente como ameaças para a reputação, autoridade, controle e influência deles/delas sobre outros.

Há todos os tipos das pessoas nesse mundo, e nós todos temos que nos respeitar primeiro a si proprios e assim temos tambem que responsavelmente ter cuidado e notar quem/quais pessoas, nós permitimos dentro de nossas vidas.

Eu posso realmente entender esse angulo no principio de amizades novas e de gente nova na nossa vida e muito bem.

Mas nossos (social-religio-politico) sistemas e condicionamentos de proteção e de segurança pessoal, muitas vezes eles podem se transformar em prisões que não permitem outra gente, outras pessoas em nossas vidas e nos impedem de ser achados e de achar (por) outras pessoas significantes, gente nova e novos amigos e amigas.

Em grupos formados por muitas tradições religiosas diferentes, o elemento de hierarquia, o assunto de quem toma conta disso e daquilo, e do que, e quem e’ quem na autoridade e comando e tambem os “Por ques” e tal... Quem é o chefe/lider, etc.

Tudo isso vem a tona e muito rapido mesmo e sempre pode causar confusão e muitas batalhas fantasiadas e vestidas muito bem com as muitas caras da Justiça, da Humildade, das Intenções alheias.

Se a gente parar para procurar “Os Motivos” e causas reais, esses todos quase sempre realmente são as vontades de outros de controlar a distribuição de poder e controlar o grupo, controlar os membros e as atividades desse grupo de alguma forma ou de outra.

O pessoal quer saber seu interesse, suas intenções e uma vez que saibam, então eles têm que decidir se você foi real, verdadeiro e honesto sobre o que você está revelando e dizendo ser voce e suas intenções.

Ter um grupo e’ quase como casar-se com alguem, porque tem que se conhecer bem com quem, qual a pessoa/as pessoas com quem voce esta formando esse grupo.

Pros e cons – Muitos mesmo! Não é fácil de formar um Grupo bom e duradouro de pessoas boas que querem bem um ao outro, que gostam um ao outro e que tem os melhores interesses do grupo e dos outros no fundo dos corações deles/delas primeiro.

A gaiolinha de ouro e prata da Liderança chega e vem cheia de abusos à si proprio/mesmo!

Há/existem os valores e os escolhidos mandatos de conduta para o grupo que limite as pessoas que lideram ou tambem os membros, de serem espontâneos e sinceros e honestos e reais a si-proprios.

Não é fácil ter que dizer “Não” e simplesmente por que a outra pessoa ( apenas um outro ser humano ) acontece de Ser Diferente e as tais Diferenças não são respeitadas, nem aceitas, nem reconhecidas como valores do grupo, ou da sociedade, ou da religião, ou das políticas das localidades, ou do Coletivo mundial e/ou local em geral.

Por exemplo, por esses anos todos.

Eu conheço gente boa, pessoas agradáveis e de bem que não podem ser meus amigos, minhas amigas!!!

Por que?

Porque essa gente boa, essas pessoas não podem ser vistos pela sociedade com um sócio, com um membro, na compania de um integrante da Família GLBT do mundo... E assim como Eu.

Porque essa gente boa, essas pessoas maravilhosas não podem serem vistas com um sócio/membro/integrante da Família Pagã e Wiccan do mundo.

Porque essa gente boa, essas pessoas não podem ser vistas na compania de uma Bruxa Trans-Sacertodisa Pagã Wiccan.

Essa gente boa não pode ser vista com um Shaman, com uma Ocultista Adepta, Pagã e Wiccan, ou com uma Astróloga, ou com uma Escritora independente, ou com uma Musicienne, ou com uma Artista, ou com um Ser humano diferente da New Age Renaissance que acontece de poder pensar por si proprio e independente de Academia popular, de Tradições populares, de Religião popular, de Governos e dos seus Valores e Condutas inventadas e prescritas.

Porque acontece que eu sei o Segredo Maior, que isso tudo foi/era uma vez assim como eu, "Diferente e Novo" e iguais a mim nos seus inicios nessa realidade rara que inventamos todo dia que vivemos.

Diferente? Sim, mas livre e muito feliz de poder ser Eu!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

Liberdade com Sabedoria é a Lei. – Por Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon (c) 1983 US UK France Brazil
Por Sky tambem conhecida como JD Aeon

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