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In the beginning there was a void filled with Plasmaric substance, but this substance yet had no purose, because it was Just a chaotic Mix of energy. In the center of this substance hovered an Egg, being tired because or was still dark. So there needed to be a match to fill this void. Then it thought I need light to See and create. It Said biauiauiau and a Stream of light waved around in the darkness, the dark substance didn't Look so dark anymore, more Like milk! This Energy filled the Horizon until it created a gap between the darkness. The Egg now became a ball with a stream behind it, somewhat Like a tadpole. This tadpole looked above, then below and thougth, let me make a Sky and a ground and divide it with a Horizon. The tadpole swam into the center of the two gaps and pulled as Strong as He could, churning the Milky substance until Sky and ground were completely separate. And it thought, good. Now let me divide it even more to see where the upmost and bottommost parts are, to make day and night and to divide the years i will make them in. Then He made the four corners and called them north, to make birds and Other rising beings, south to make Bulls and earth like creatures there, West to make Fish and rulers of Waters there and east to make firey Lions and other beasts there. Then it made a ground to Support His feet and filled it with plants and made hills. He saw that she was beautiful and called her mother Warth and himself He named father Sky. Togeither they had many children with different shapes and Colors and He made them rule over the four corners. Togeither they lived in Peace until the lightest one Said: "It is too hot and my skin Burns. All the other beings have fur and a thick skin top hide their nakedness. Let me kill one and Take it's skin. The other one Said: "I'm hungry. Let me have it's flesh to Feed myself. The third one said: "What a wild bunch you are. Let me Take it's Bones to make a House and separate myself from you babaric Kind. The fourth one Said: "why do you Fight, there is enough Land for everyone. Let us live in Peace and adore the freedom of the Land. Since we Come from her. Each one took His Family with them and went their own way, separating Humankind and forgetting their shared Origins. This Made father Sky sad and He cried until almost all of mother earth was filled with water, but the mother sucked and wiped Off His tears, saying: There will come a time when all our children fill the emptiness with the light of the sun and forget their lunacy. Only then Peace will BE restored. Until that day comes, let your light shine upon my New child, who still hasn't left his Egg. He may BE able to unite them, since He both contains my body and your soul, just like all of our other Chilenen.

With His battlecry: "Yahhh!" He will overcome the darkness and embrace the light. :)

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