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I can't share all the details, but I wanted to share what I could of my dream last night. So, I was at this church with huge ceilings, kind of Medieval or Gothic? Not sure, sometimes I don't pay attention to detail as much as I'd like. I'd been to this church in my dreams before. It's rather large and old. In my former dream, part of the church had started to collapse into this massive hole. It was really creepy because it was so dark down there you could not see anything, but you could hear moans, screams etc. I asked the pastor why he didn't move the church, and he said something like, oh, we don't see the need to, and I just looked at him funny. The other parts of the church still functioned normally, so they just ignored the giant sinkhole in one part of it. So, back to this dream, I got more detail. Basically, even people of the church were starting to go down there, the dark had an allure, like people were drawn to it. Even I felt it a little, but I fought it and got away relatively easily. The pastor this time was extremely haughty, saying that yeah, some of their members ended up down there, but they resisted temptation and that's why they were not trapped down there. It infuriated me, because I was like, why don't you just move instead? It's not that hard. But, anyway, I think the sinkhole has engulfed more of the church. There is a great evil down there, and it lures people to it. You could kind of say it's a "hell." Oddly, I could sense no opposite equivalent to it, a "heaven" in the church itself. Like, there didn't seem to be much good there. I was able to fight the evil in the church, because although I have some evil in me, I am not consumed by it. But, other souls are not like that, and so they get consumed by it quicker. It takes a very strong what I call night soul to strip themselves away. I saw one do it, and I was in awe. They basically had to fight like they've never fought before, and even I saw them peel off their skin in order to get free. It didn't change their energy, but they were no longer bound to that place and the energies within it. But, that was the only one I saw free itself. The others...didn't, and so much of the church had gone down into the depths, I wondered about that pastor's sanity. And then I left. I have my own thoughts on the dream, but I'm just sharing it as it was, without bothering to interpret it.

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Comment by Enigma on June 7, 2019 at 1:01pm

The Chartres Cathedral in France. It was built over an Ancient Celtic worship spot of the Dark Goddess. They call it the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, the Black Madonna of Chartres. Druids practiced human sacrifice in that very spot now covered by the cathedral.

Comment by Olivia Moffitt on June 8, 2019 at 8:50am

Fascinating! I never considered that my dreams might have a physical presence in the real world whether that be in the past, present or future. If that be the case, then I would say my dreams can have both a real life meaning, a metaphorical/spiritual meaning for myself and a metaphorical/spiritual meaning for the world, or other individuals. I do know that there is one dream I had about a place that I was going to go to (I had no idea what it looked like at the time), and when I watched a video of the entrance to the place, it was an exact copy of the entrance in my dream, though the inside had some differences. So, I know it's possible. I have also had a lot of bizarre dreams and traveled around the globe in a sense through my dreams. For example, one time I had a dream where me and my family (there is usually someone I know in the dream, for what purpose, I'm not sure) went to a water park inside a large mall in a desert location (most definitely a Muslim country) surrounded at least partially or fully by a large slum. And while we were there, a terrorist attack unfolded, some of my family members and I made it to the roof, and I awoke in terror, because there were people surrounding the building and we knew we were going to die. Never have been through a terrorist attack and never been to that location (perhaps it was in the future?). So, yeah, a lot of dreams like that. 

Anyway, as to your theory, it's fascinating, so I looked it up, and it doesn't seem quite right. So, I looked up medieval churches, and I found one that looks somewhat familiar. The Le Castellat Medieval Church, I think the inside looks more familiar to me, though maybe a little smaller than I remember in the dream, though maybe not, the building did seem shorter than the Chartres Cathedral, but it was definitely darker and had less windows, I do believe. 

Comment by Enigma on June 9, 2019 at 11:05am

"...collapse into this massive hole."

The reason your dream reminded me of Chartres is because there is a chasm under the cathedral where the Druids worshipped the Dark Goddess eons ago.


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