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I had a genetic test done. I am 99.7 percent European, and of that European, I am 98.3 percent Northwestern European. This is divided between British (and Scottish) and Irish (around 65 percent), French and German (around 16 percent), Scandinavian (around 5 percent - with most of that likely coming from my maternal side, like I've experienced spiritually), and 11.2 percent just general northwestern European. I'm also 1.1 percent southern european (mostly general with a little Greek/Baltic - also maternal), and surprise surprise, I am 0.1 percent Native American (coming most likely from my maternal side), and 0.1 percent Chinese Dai (coming from my paternal side). This means I had an ancestor that was 100 percent each of these in the 1700s to 1800s. Just wish I knew their names so I could honor them as well. Eh, maybe eventually, perhaps. Interestingly, I have Norse, Greek, Irish and Native American spirit guides (these are a few of them anyway), so that was really interesting having that line up like that. Lol! Also, it is possible then that the stories around my maternal genealogy are correct then, so these things are just all lining up so perfectly, it's weird.

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