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Today I took a journey through my mind

I was determined that I would find

The key to who I truly was inside

But I fear that ellusive key did hide.

Inside of me I searched and found

Halls of memory, devoid of sound

The candle of faith was my only light

As I wandered in that internal night.

That hallway was lined by many a door

Behind which hid memories by the score

Memories gathered over all my years

Those doors hid both laughter and tears.

Some were bolted with lock and chain

I knew behind those hid great pain

Those room's hid things I could not face

So I had put the keys in a hidden place.

Others were warped with age and care

Touching them filled me with despair

I knew those rooms contained the strife

I had endured throughout my life.

But here and there, soft light would seep

Beneath the door, brightening darkness deep

Touching those doors helped me to cope

For behind them hid my dreams and hope.

And when I had closed the door into my mind

I returned to reality and myself to find

The eyes in the mirror looking back at me

All along had held that ellusive key.

The stress that had put lines upon my face

The fleeting joy that did my tears erase

The pain and joys in my life that I did see

Had in the end created me.

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