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This you may find is more of a rant than a blog, but it is my blog, so I reserve the right to rant. I am also sure I will add to it as the notion hits me.


A lot of people on here wish to follow what has become known as Native Spirituality. That is fine; actually I think it is awesome. If done with honor and honesty in your heart.

Now for the few things I wish to rant about.

Not all Native tribes are the same.  If you learn something about Native Spirituality from a Lakota, then that is Lakota Spirituality. It is the Lakota spin on what they see as Spirituality.  That is not the same as say a Hopi’s spin on Spirituality. It is very annoying for the few that have set with one tribe and learned their ways and then state it as if it’s a fact for all tribes.  So don’t do it. It’s rude.

This statement drives me crazy. I have attended X amount of powwows so I know.

 Okay, good for you, but what tribe was that powwow for? Was it a Nations gathering, meaning there was peoples from several different Nations and different tribes within that Nation? Was it one tribes powwow; was it just a demonstrative powwow? The type of powwow you go to does have an effect on what, you think you know. So do yourself a favor and find out before you go somewhere and say it’s is absolutely this way because I have gone to a powwow and they said it was. To do it makes you look stupid to other Natives. If you don’t know for sure, keep your mouth shut until you do know from which tribe you have learned these things.

Yes all cultures started out as tribal cultures but not all tribal cultures are the same. Some of them are similar to Native American tribal culture but similar does not make them the same. That is like saying people that follow Wicca is the same as those that follow Christianity because they are similar. Similar does not make them the same. Just because the scottish people had a tribal system or clan system does not make it the same as a Native American tribal system or clan system.

Another thing, why do we have to prove that what is part of our belief system was part of our belief system before the white people came here? Why don't you prove that it wasn't and quit telling us we have no right to be up set when you take something that we hold as sacred and turn it into a joke with no respect of the true meaning of what you stole attached to it.

If your up set by anything I have stated here save yourself some trouble and don't even bother trying to learn what people now call Native American Spirituality because you will never understand it.

By the way dream catchers are suppose to stop bad spirits not bad dreams and would you please quit hanging the things at the head of the bed bad spirits come up by your feet so what good is it doing besides making your bedroom pretty with it hung in the wrong place so move it already.


Warned you I would add to it.

There is  discussion on the main forum about white washing Native Spirituality.

I have seen post that just blow my mind and not in a good way. Such as we chose to forget our culture and speak english. Really? I really like this one, Who died and left us in charge of Native about our ancestors is that a good enough answer for you. How about this one, it's natural for one culture to take over another one or how it was put borrow from...yep sure is, but out and out steal it and then turn it into fluffy bs is not okay. I liked this one, well NA's pimp out their traditions so why are you up set that we do...well first off selling off one's culture is sick in my opinion, second just because some dude that is 1/32 Native American writes a book about how Natives speak to animals isn't Natives pimping out our culture...and it is not a tradition it is a way of life a way to live a way to think and see the world around us.



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