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So recently a coven member had been admitted to the hospital, I posted a facebook status saying light a candle, pray, send energy to whatever deity you believe.

Since most of the people on my facebook page are christian everyone said they would pray, which I have no problem with, energy is energy in my book.

But when talking to my sister a few days later she brought it up in the context of "well did you notice that everyone said they would PRAY for her"...... yeah so what? Just because I don't believe in your God and Jesus means I can't pray? WTF? Really....?

Somehow we got on the subject of my religion, I'm very secretive about it, they know I'm not christian but they don't know what I believe. My sister said "Well since you don't believe in G.... I just don't know what you believe in" .... So I asked her sincerely what she thought I believed in. Not only did she skirt the question but she put it on me to explain my beliefs as she is gearing up to tear them down. You could tell she had the normal Jesus conversion speech ready to go. So I sat there, thinking.
'Do I come out and risk a huge blow out or do I change the subject and stay in the closet?' I chose to stay in the closet.

My sister and I had never been close before, we are 14 years apart in age (she being the middle child and I'm the baby). She even admitted to thinking that I wasn't even an adult until I had my son (who is only one). Once I got married we got a little closer, I could joke around with her often and then when I had Seth I got to go a half step closer..... but I'm pretty sure this is all I'll be allowed, which is heart breaking. She can trust a complete stranger but she won't trust me, keep in mind I've never once given her reason to not trust me. I've proven time and time again loyal among other things.

She is one of those people that cares about what everyone else beside her family is thinking. She proves that on a daily basis, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad because she does it to everyone she is related to.

Point of this rant.... I was wanting to come out of the broom closet this year, but after this... I don't know if I should. I'm already feeling resentment, anger and hostility towards someone I thought was family and friend. I can only imagine what she will do when I say it out loud.

BTW: Ever have one of those weeks that seem just bombarded by other religions? I mean all this week it was God this and God that from facebook status' and then we where watching movies and everyone of them had God references out the ass!

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