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Name Full: Lypen, Dennis Anthony.

Name Refugee: Zangpo Losang.

Name Stage: Angtho

Number Phone Home: (843)-407-6789.

Address Home: Lypen, Residence; Florence, South Carolina 29501.

Email Account:

Email Account

Web page:

Web Page:

Web page:

Web page:

I am Dennis Anthony Lypen, a 29-year-old male capable of performing arts. I would like to play for your company if you would allow it. I play numerous instruments and genres and believe we could both benefit from this. If one would give the moment of chance. Most of my work is original, with some covers. If you would care to chance it please contact me. Thank you Dennis Anthony Lypen, 843-496-3758(cell) 843-407-6789(house) I would hope that your company yourself society and I could all benefit from live entertainment. I am not concerned about profit. I figure I will make what I am worth. I have included sample lyrics and have recordings saved if you would like. As well as other services as to help your company in many forms.

I appreciate it and thank you.

Sincerely Dennis Anthony Lypen

Employment History

Green Fence Recycling

3630 E Highway 76, Mullins, SC 29574

843 561 0215


03/2018 - 04/2018

Plant'n Thyme (Dennie Hanna)

422 Woodland Drive; Florence, SC 29501


Basic Landscaping, and grounds keeping

Custodial/Food Service

05/2016 - 12/2017

Petersburg FCI

1100/1060 River Road, Hopewell, VA 23860

(804) 733-7881

I worked at the facility first in food service, doing table duty, dish washing, distribution and so forth. I then worked as Custodial/grounds keeper,


11/2016 - 12/2016

FCI Memphis Tennessee

1101 JOHN A DENIE, Memphis, TN 38134

(901) 372-2269



05/2013 - 10/2015

Williamsburg FCI

8301 US 521, Salters, SC 29590

(843) 387-9400

I worked doing custodial/grounds keeping, general maintenance. musician and music equipment.


04/2011 - 09/2013

Loretto FCI

772 Saint Joseph Street, Loretto, PA 15940

(814) 472-4140

I worked on maintence, and running of equipment, repairing work, Musician, used music instruments, handed out equipment, shoveled snow did landscaping/horticultural work, paint, did paper work.


06/2008 - 08/2010

M.O. B

Darlington, SC

I Drove Fork lifts, and front-end loaders, operated machinery, and worked with plastics


06/2007 - 10/2007

Sparkmen Heating and air

Leland, NC

I installed heating, and air units, and worked on servicing existing ones

Performance History

FFC Petersburg 1100 River road, Hopewell VA

FCI Memphis 1101 John A. Denie, Memphis TN.

FCI Williamsburg 8301 US 521, Salters SC

FCI Loretto 772 Saint Joseph Street, Loretto PA

Online/At Home 1090 Rock Creek Road Florence South Carolina 29505

3816 Avon Dale Drive Leland North Carolina 28451

North Brunswick High School 114 scorpion drive Leland, North Carolina 28451

Education and Training

Issuing Institution


Degree Received

Course of Study

FCC Petersburg

Petersburg, VA

No Minimum Education Requirement

Employment skills

A course offered at the prison to transits into society.

FCI Williamsburg

Williamsburg, SC

No Minimum Education Requirement

Drum Class

I am a bard, so I took a course on another instrument.

FCI Williamsburg

Williamsburg, SC

No Minimum Education Requirement

Piano Class

I am a bard, so I took a course to enhance at another instrument.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

No Minimum Education Requirement


A course offered to add to my artistic ability.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

Vocational School Certificate

Solder Modules 1 & 2

A course offered at the prison to work on modules 1, and 2, and soldering equipment.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

No Minimum Education Requirement

Introduction to bridge

A course offered at the prison to learn of the fundamentals of some card games.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

No Minimum Education Requirement

Civil Engineering

A course offered at the prison to learn about civil engineering.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

No Minimum Education Requirement

Conversational French

I study linguistics to be able to have literacy among other beings.

FCI Loretto

Loretto, PA

No Minimum Education Requirement

Conversational Russian

I study linguistics to be more literate among other beings.

North Brunswick High School

Leland, NC

High School Diploma

High School Diploma

I Graduated from North Brunswick High School 114 Scorpion Drive, Leland, North Carolina 28451 910 371 2261. Where I attended Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, and obtained CPR and First Aide through the Junior Reserve Officer Training corps.

Brunswick Technical Center

245 Enterprise Drive, SC

Vocational School Certificate

Fiberglass Engineering, manufacturing Business (Boat Building)

I have taken a boat building course at Brunswick Technical Center and Achieved certification in Fiber Glass Engineering, and small manufacturing business management. 245 Enterprise Drive 910-755-7306. It was offered to high school students at North Brunswick High School. The course counted for both a high school, and college credit.

Occupational Licenses & Certificates

Certification Title

Issuing Organization

Completion Date


My goal is to work toward the liberation of suffering of sentient beings. To show how sacred life really is. Knowing there is always one there to avail in this quest. I have taken the course of life to lead to pure virtue. To do what I can as a benefit for others. I am in hope that I may find the right path to go to get there.

Honors & Activities

Languages: Germanic: English very well. German little understanding, Scandinavian little understanding. Romance: French little understanding, Spanish knowledgeable but not fluent. Slavic: Russian Knowledgeable not fluent. Other: Celtic little understanding, Chinese little understanding, Japanese little understanding, pail knowledgeable not fluent, Sanskrit knowledgeable not fluent Tibetan knowledgeable not fluent welsh little understanding Instruments: Accordion(understanding), Acting(intermediate) , Bagpipes (very little understanding), Balalaika(Understanding), Banjo (very well), Cello(understanding,), Crafting(Well), Dancing(Understanding)., J(understanding), Dobro(understanding), Drum(beginner), Electronic(understanding), Fiddle(Beginner), Flute(Understanding). Guitar [Acoustic](Excellent). Guitar [Bass [Acoustic]] (Excellent), Guitar[Electric](excellent], Guitar[Bass[electric]](excellent), Guitar Steel(beginner);, {Guitar {Lead}(excellent), Guitar{rhythm}(excellent), Guitar{other}(excellent);, Upright Bass(intermediate)}, Harmonica(beginner), Harp(understanding), Keyboard(beginner), Mandolin(very well), Maintenance(Excellent),Music Theory(excellent), Piano(beginner), Saxophone(understanding), Sitar(understanding), Soundboard(average), Trombone(understanding), Trumpet(understanding), Ukulele(average), Violin(beginner), Vocalist(very well), Writing(excellent). Genres: Acoustic, Alternative, Americana, Blues, Calypso, Celtic, Classical, Comedy, Country (including bluegrass), Dramatic, Dub step, Electronic, Folk, Funk, Hip-hop/Rap, Jazz, Latin, Lounge, Meditation, Pop, Rhythym&Blues, Reggae, Rock (Classic, Southern Progressive Metal, Punk, more), Ska, World, and others. Knowledgeable in many sciences physics (Including Quantum Physics) Biology Chemistry (including alchemy)


I am a well-educated, hardworking individual. I have a lot of self-taught abilities that are able to place me with in almost any field. I seek opportunity for potential involvement for a position in your field. Whatever it is that I might not know. I am capable of learning. I appreciate and thank you for taking heed to my documentation. I am hoping that one might take heed. To my request. I admit That I have made a mistake in my life. I am hoping to get my life back on the right road. To find my way in this life. To relieve others of their suffering. I realize, that depending on my outcome. That it would affect other beings. I am trying my best to improve. find my place. I am hoping to get in touch with nature and pursue a life in lessening the suffering of others. By using what I have learned over the years of this life. If there is a way I hope if there is a place for me May if you please. would you please give me a chance? I am hoping If one may. Might I work for your company. To at least work for acquiring equipment, and availment toward my goals within this life. I can follow my plan, and lifelong passion. To succeed in literatural arts, performing arts, and to use all, and any experience, knowledge, and such I have acquired to benefit as many other beings as plausible. I am one that is capable of bard, companion, craft, gallant, mystic, naturist, oneir, paladin, philosophy, psychology, quixotic, sage, seeker, shaman, spiritualist, survivalist.

My goal is to work toward the liberation of suffering of sentient beings. To show how sacred life really is. Knowing there is always one there to avail in this quest. I have taken the course of life to lead to pure virtue. To do what I can as a benefit for others. I am in hope that I may find the right path to go to get there.

Additional Information

Birth: 1121 hours Saturday 04, March 1989

Race: Caucasian/White

Gender: Male

Height: 6'5"

Weight: about 160 pounds

Color, Eye: Hazel

Color, Hair: Blond/Brown

I am a naturist. I enjoy doing naturalistic activities. I often get rapture from even the smallest forms of life. I have a multitude of experience, and knowledge. That I have acquired. My experience, and knowledge range from such as culture, meditation, nature, religious/spiritual, and other practices. For example, I am very well into the field, and use of herbs. Which by the definition means a plant whose stem above ground does not become woody. I am knowledgeable of the effects of the body, the mind, and the spirit. I am knowledgeable of cultural, and religious uses. I am Knowledgeable in legend, lore, myth. I also know their "magical, and mystical: uses, and values. I am capable of crafting of items, especially cultural, and religious/spiritual items. Such as Altar Cloths, Dream Catchers/Net Shields, Medicine Bags/Spirit Pouches, Prayer Flags, Prayer Sticks, among many other types. Some of examples of my knowledge of herbs are as followed.

Dandelion, (Taraxacum officinale); It was given its name due to the toothy leaves. Dandelions are a very good medicinal. Many benefits of adding dandelions to one's diet. There is a saying of, " dandelions are nature's way of giving dignity to weeds. Dandelions are a detoxicate, diuretic, purifier, among many others. It is said that dandelions are good against ulcers, and good against nyctalopia, (night blindness) Dandelions cleanse, and purify the blood, gall bladder, liver and urinary tract, and many more.

Sage, (salvia officinale) [salvia ...]; Sage happens to be in the mint family. Sage as a cultural, medicinal, and religious/spiritual purpose is self-explanatory. It is one of the seven components in the ceremonial smoke of the Native Americans. Some of the lore's state through several cultures. That after enough consumption of sage.

That one gains immortality to wisdom. Sage is a purifier. Sage is known for its mental powers. Sage avails, and increases mental activity including memory. It is said that the use of sage in the form of smoke that it cleanses, and expels fluid from the lungs.

Angelica, (Angelica.); Angelica lore has it that an archangel came to someone in a dream/vision. Which told of this plant angelica to cure the plague, bubonic. Angelica is used for pectoral disorders. Angelica is known as a female helper. For it avails with female related problems including P.M.S.

Rosehips, (Rosa family); Roses hips are the ripe fruit of the rose. During World War II. When Scandinavian countries were cut off from trade routes due to the war. there was a shortage of other forms of important vitamins such as vitamin c. the other forms of vitamin c were unavailable. Yet, Scandinavian communities were able to survive on rose hips for vitamin c. Due to research, a serving of rose hips have six times the vitamin c than oranges.

Catnip, catmint, (nepeta cataria); Catnip is of the mint family. catnip is known as having strong scented leaves of which the feline genus is fond. Catnip is more than just the plant that drives the feline genus crazy. It is a very good relaxant, sedative, and stress reliever. It is great against anxiety, depression, and other psychological problems. Catnip is also used to avail those with addictions to such as cannabis.

I offer to avail and educate on matters. I would enjoy the opportunity to gain more experience, and knowledge. For it is the formula for wisdom. If any concerns, questions, thoughts, and such arise. Please feel free at any moment to ask

It seems that involvement in such environments. shall increase abilities. I would gain more experience, and knowledge of the craft. The environment could avail the quest. The quest of performing bands, recording bands, and publishing writings. A road that I have long desired to travel. I am a writer, singer, and musical instrument player. I am a writer a musical instrument player singer. I am capable of maintenance and running of equipment.

I am knowledgeable of soldering, and music theory. I am knowledgeable of myths lore's legends, mediations nature religious practices and such. I can craft items I have done custodial food serve recreation plastic recycling and heating and air.

I am capable and knowledgeable of maintenance and running of equipment. I am knowledgeable of soldering, and music theory. I offer to avail and educate on such matters. Examples of some of my knowledges are as followed.

Standard concert pitch is A equals 440 hertz. The average human being has an average of about 42 tones. There are 12 notes which are A, A#/Bb, B, C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab. B#/Cb, and E#/Fb are used in music theory for it makes a mathematical fit. B# equals Cb, Cb equals B, E# equals Fb, Fb equals E#. Symbol # equals sharp b equals flat. the natural symbol is not always used for a natural, A with a Natural symbol or A by itself is generally the same thing.

The lines on a staff are E, G, B, D, F with the spaces spelling face on the treble clef. If one takes the staff and were to rotate it 90 degrees to the left. One has the key patterned of the standard piano.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. which are basic notes, by numbers. 8 being the same as 1 often an octave. using the key of C, I will go into scales. Diatonic major scale is C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Diatonic minor scale is C, D, Eb, F, G, A, B, C. Harmonic Scale is C, D, Eb, F, G, A, B, C, Whole Tone is C, D, E, F#, G#, A#, C, The Chromatic scale is C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, The pentatonic scale is C, D, F, G, A, C,/C, D, E, G, A, C

In music there are an infinite number of instruments. Here is some standard tuning of a few instruments. On most string instruments the first string is usually classified as the bottom string Banjo (5 string) G, D, G, B, G, or open G Tuning The fifth string on most start at the fifth fret Mandolin, the strings on a mandolin are paired. The tuning for an 8 string is Gg, Dd, Aa, Ee, Bass (4 string) E A D G Base (5 string) B E A D G Bass (6 String) B E A D G C Guitar (6 String) E A D G B E Guitar (7 String) B E A D G B E

On the guitars they often go up in fifths and down in fourths with the exception of string 2 (B) and string 3 (G) which is three steps down or six steps up. Guitar (12 String) these are often paired, Ee, Aa, Dd, Gg, Bb, Ee.

I offer to avail, and educate on matters. I would enjoy the opportunity to gain more experience, and knowledge. For it is the formula for wisdom. If any concerns, questions, thoughts, and such arise. Please feel free at any moment to ask.

May your day be blissfully blessed.

Might you be free of suffering.

Within the course of this life. I have gone through many routes seeking numerous amounts of stuff. I am one that has wanted to find stuff. With a growing curiosity. Following a desire to disembowel the suffering of others and myself. There are times throughout this life. With that of wanting to avail and investigate. With these properties. I admit that I have made mistakes in this process. I admit that I do not always pick the best roads to take. When in this life where I involve myself. I am a seeker. I am one who often at times thinks. I think that there is some mind-blowing truth. That liberating secrets will be revealed. If the right procedures, the right questions are used. Though I have traveled to the point of where I am now. Which is a human being that has been labeled through the government system. That the label of sex offender has been painted upon my existence. When I sought what I stumbled upon while using a computer. Not only was there curiosity of a sheltered child. Which there is the development of desire of hoping to discover something to fix a problem. With my extreme desire to figure things out. I have come to realize that there were reflections of my own samskaras, and/or shadows. Possibly reflecting with in me. Though I am not exactly sure of this. There is evidence through relentless insight, intuition, and study. Along with examination of experiences. How this will play out who knows? This is questionable. For which it is a possibility that only such as I. for I will probably only be sensed as such. When some human figures or knows of it. I have come to terms with some of this. As this being a life, I have chosen. Though under the circumstances. I sense every road to failure. A path to nowhere. No trail of success. To figure this seems impossible. Even if this were to cause me so melancholy, and/or trepidation. Within this life. Unfortunately, as, and when melancholy, and trepidation grow. Especially to a point of being heavier than I am capable of handling. I begin steps of avoiding, being reclusive, shutting down, shutting out, skipping meals, and such. It often troubles me. Methods of meditation, help me out. Nature and playing music have always been a lot of help to me. Being in nature and playing music have always been my best friends through life especially through these points. My way of letting out my inner troubles. Through these. They lead to calming, insight, intuition, and other processes. Also, with in this life. I also know of events that cause triggers to arise. Which cause anger, disgust, irritation, rage, sorrow, et cetera arises. The events that I have difficulty with standing are when I sense ill, or mistreatment of a child, female, nature, and the like. When I sense a male mistreat a female, or a male place their hands on a female in a violent fashion, or a child being mistreated. I become ready to fight, among other adjectives of similar descriptions. Which increases very highly when it is one that I am attached to. Another triggering event are bullies. I do not like bullies, cheaters, and the like. It sets me off on similar processes. In this life I realize. That when there is one that I am attached to. Is being bullied, having issues, and such. Even if it is just my perspective.

My Creed and code of conduct

My goal is to work toward the liberation of suffering. Knowing there is always one there to avail in this quest. I have taken the course of life to lead to pure virtue. To do what I can as a benefit for others. I am in hope that I may find the right path to go to get there.

Precepts taken

Knight Paladin Traveler

Keep senses in tune for those in need

Defend those in need

No dishonorable acts

Keep promise until death

Live gallant, and quixotic

Shaman Precepts

One is responsible for caring, and respecting

Everything has potential of having its own spirit.

Treat as sacred manner.

Do not chose who one heals.

Do what is necessary.

Heal, Honor, Protect, Serve

Give credit and thank where it is do.\

Remain neutral in the process of work (healing, and so forth)

Alert, aware, open, receptive, understanding.

Follow the heart, lead with the mind.

Buddhist Precepts

Refrain from killing

Refrain from taking what is not freely given.

Refrain from sexual misconduct.

Refrain from false speech.

Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind or lead to heedlessness.


Sentient beings are numberless I vow to save them

Avail those I can

Guide the spirit

Be ear, guard, shoulder, such to down spirit

Heal Honor Protect Serve Those I care for even it was to cost me my life

To uphold the precepts vows and such even if it were to cost me my own life.


I am a healer. I am a protector. I heal ye realms. I heal ye earth. I protect ye truth. I protect ye dirt. I heal life and protect it to. I am protector of women, and that of children. I shall heal and protect ye weak as well. I heal what I protect what I heal. I protect what I heal. I heal honor protect and serve that and those of which I love. I shall gladly sacrifice all. gladly give my life for those I hold close. I heal who I protect. I protect who I heal. I shall work toward ending suffering. of those I care for. even if all I can be is their shoulder, and sponge. If for you my heart holds true I shall always be there for you. out of my heart. my loving heart. I value you above myself. I shall always live by this. even if it is my death. I shall always ride with this. until my last breath. this is my wish. I heal honor protect and serve. I am a wandering sage. I am on ye sage trail. I am on ye shaman path. way of nature. I shall be way of sage way of spirit I shall be. I am healer. I am protector. I am warrior.

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