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My Week Day at Zoo and Hubby hurt his shoulder!

Well my foot is healing some. I got the Cast off have my brace on it.

Saturday Hubby woke up with a very stiff neck could not turn it.... So I loved on him the whole day. I got to take charge... Well I made him to go tothe Urgent care and the Doc decent... He had trotcullis the muscle relaxers seemed ot work.... I took Tomas and left to Shop.... He seemed happy about it.

About it ...
I had odd Dream about firstthgis guy I keep getting in my dream....

Then I had a dream about my hubby I was getting ready for our fututre wedding it was really happy?

Then Woke up we went to Zoo My family gets on my nerves.

Well In short Loved to watch the Animals Toledo Zoo...

I refused to get a wheel chair..... My foot hurt that was dumb.....

Well Then My cousins pissed off at Pisces guys he dumbed her?

She want's to get with a Scorpio guy YEAH RIGHT I can see that happening ( sarchasm ) here! LOL Scorpios Our very sexual beings something she is NOT! She says they never hit on her.... LOLOLOL
Maybe cuase you dress like a church chick.

Well then my cousin patty who was fine thorugh out the Zoo decide she has a messsed up knee?

She says she is ona diet but eats ice cream two litters of pepsi then orders dinner does not eat it but orders dessert? LOL Yes she has been checked .... For dietry issues.

Then my cousin Sandy said my cousin Patty stunk LOL Hubby said the same thing..... I just assumed it was the Zoo.....

Hey it was fun day LOL

I got to watch the aminals human and others play.....LOl

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