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My year so far from Decemberupwards very up down year

Well my last Holiday I was very sick in the hospital I had severe health complicatios to keep it short I lost a alot of weight went  Health clinic and   keep it short chilled out on the other side with the Gods and  my ancestors what a ride!    I am not   as you tell by my pictures a  lot skinny  person :) Low blood sugars keep it short!

Well I and my husband  had some serious Marital issues Were working it out!  Your instincts our right aobut soemtihng have a Brkae up sell handy  and  Arch Angel Micheal  and stello Works wonde4rs  throw in  A healing and money spell and love spell okay and a jasutice  Happines curse  and you got a decent familynow :) Hey the Blonde  deity told me to do it :0 Protecting his  interests he told me :0)

Its a fmaily Heirloom thing  :0)  I can not give you the recipe ;)  I got marks ofr creativity though !

Well my garden did shitty ! we suppose ot move and we did not of course.

We did  go down South twice had a goodtime though.

Oh yeah I found a hidden base twice em why Iam not on any antigovs sights I got put on watch list yeah me ! :)  I was HAPPY I was like  Dude I am anitgoverment  thats like giving me a Diamond ring!

Yes I signed a clause I said dude my resonse when they wanted to know  how i found them out bedies being Psychic  was dude I looked ofr the least obvious  answer there you go. They was on Mountains  all I allowed to say.

Health has improved vastly   and I was offered a  not allowed ot talked aoubt  LOLOL goverment job doing resources  and a counsultant LOL!

I  been writing books and  I  got my show ideas considered had ot od sometihng with thattiem i nthe hopsital  walking between the worlds ALOT!  Partying with my Ancestors!

I also learned Photograpghy got my licsense ot wed people legally and  I got very goodwith the  Cameras !

FOr my  birthday Firsttime ever!   hUBBY TOOK  ME OUT  AND TOOK OFF  Work and suprised me  with taking me ot  FrankenMuth yes on my  Birthday :)  17 years together!  :) Itwas like a dream normallly I get  igonred on my birthday by most people :)

Hubby wants to start a busienss together learn  Photograghy also :) 

Were still trying to  get down south but other than that aobut itthat is going on :)

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