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I was having a pretty bad day today.  I know i was being lazy and i needed to get busy as free time just didn't feel quite earned.  I was having racing thoughts in my head and I just couldn't sit still I felt like i needed to something anything to keep my mind occupied.   I decided to meditate for a quick 10 minutes and try and get my head straight and then I got the idea of going for a nice nature walk through a near by ravine the thought slowly began to fade as i meditated and i had the attitude "Ill do it another time"  but then i really focused on the idea of a long nature walk and i was motivated to go by the end of my meditation session.  I grabbed my back pack , some water, and two books to read while out at the ravine.  I just got back from my nature walk and i feel completely rejuvenated.  I'm going to make nature walks a daily part of my routine.  This isn't to say i have been down to the this ravine before or it was first time on a nature walk through the ravine but i never really realized how much of a tool it can be used as when having a bad day.  I made sure not to bring my ipod that way i could really connect with nature and not just zone out and trudge along.  I listed to the babbling brook, the birds, and other animals.  I felt connected and at oneness with the forest.  I will be going on many more nature walks and im going to take up hiking as a new hobby.  I figure if this one walk completely turned my day around then hiking daily could turn my life around.  There is just something about nature that really fills me with joy especially as a new practicing Wiccan. 

My questions to you is:

What do you think of going for a nature walk or being in nature?

How does it make you feel to be in nature or hike or walk in nature?

What do you do to turn a bad day around?

Scotland Freeemont

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Comment by Katey on September 15, 2017 at 6:29pm

The best anti-depressant in the world and excellent side effects :).

Comment by White Willow on September 15, 2017 at 7:13pm

Glad you are having a better day after your walk and time in nature. It can really help a lot of people.

To answer your questions:

  1. Nature and fresh air is good medicine for everyone!
  2. Since I'm a Wiccan, being in nature is needed for me. I need to feel the air on my face and the grass or leaves under my feet. It helps to balance me out if I'm feeling overwhelmed with one area or not feeling like my normal self.
  3. Honestly, I rarely have bad days since I try hard to keep balance and not overract to things in life. But when they do happen I listen to a favorite song, or play a video game (something that always makes me happy).


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