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Today has been absolutely horrible. After breaking the adapter to my laptop, rushing around, and dealing with a lot of stressors, I'm going to be heading off to work. I feel a knot in my stomach. What if my bad luck follows me there? And I cause all sorts of accidents? When I get stressed out, I become clumsy. I can just see myself tripping over boxes at the store. Please tell me I won't be on cash registrar yet. Plleeeaaasssee. I don't think I could deal with being face-to-face with people. *tips head back* And now my father is driving me nuts! He offered to give me a ride home, and he keeps yelling my name every 5 fucking minutes. No I haven't moved. No I didn't leave...what makes him think I want to walk to work in the dark on a cold winter night? DUH. Fucking DUH. Why is my father so stupid?! Drives me crazy.

Venting here helps. Gotta get it allll out before I clock in. *inhales-exhales* On the bright side, my hair and make-up turned out really nice. I hope 5 hours from now I still look as stunning. OH GOD. I just remembered...the make-shift name tag my boss gave me is GONE. I have no idea where it went! I never took it off my shirt last night, but it isn't anywhere in my room! He has to get me an official one anyways, but it upsets me that I'll be going in without it and looking like an idiot. I can't find it anywhere. :( Maybe it fell off at the store or on my way home from work yesterday. Here's to hoping they found it on the floor there.

Alright. I'm feeling a tad better. Wearing jade to help keep me calm and bring good luck. Of course, the necklace is tucked into my shirt...and when do they plan to give me my security necklace in case of a robbery or assault? Hmm. And I think I should have chosen a sweater instead of two short sleeve shirts, at least for the winter months. Those coolers are bloody COLD! Never worked the night shift, its my first time...wonder if I'll like it better than a day shift.

Twenty minutes. My nerves are still gnawing at me. I feel tired, overwhelmed, rotten and like...I don't know. Throwing my hands in the air and calling life quits for the rest of the day. Too bad it isn't an option. Still haven't received my letter of acceptance from SFA, though I was told it was put in the mail last week. I know Texas is a long ways away but seriously? Where the hell is my letter! *grumbles*

Okay. Breathe, breathe, breathe...

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Comment by Pixie Fables on February 19, 2010 at 11:54pm
Fionn, OMFG, I LOVE GEORGE HARRISON. And that's one of my favorite songs by him.

Rob - Hahaha! I don't event want to re-read what I wrote, because I'm afraid I'll feel stressed all over again! LOL. Yeah, New Job Jitters sums it up nicely.

Thanks for the comments you two! :)


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