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New contemplation on a very old subject


This is an actual call out to anyone interested/interesting, not just a "look at me" post.

I don't think I have a religion, and the matter of my spirituality is still being pondered daily. I was born and raised in the Protestant (baptist) discipline, however about 8 years ago I began to question much about the religious establishment and began to dabble in the Occult, Wicca, Paganism, and I began to study material on such matters as well as listen to lectures on the subject.

A few years ago I began to suspect that the majority of the worlds religions, and particularly the three Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) were by and large based on Astrology, more over, they seemed to be based on the SAME Astrological discipline. The more Wiccan and "New Age" books I read, the more I began to see the connections with not only Astrology, but how much Neo-Paganism is based on Jewish mysticism.

Shortly there after I began to question if we are all on the same journey into the age of Aquarius. After all, we have Moses handing down the "new law" to the Hebrews at the end of the age of Taurus (remember them worshiping the golden calf?) , the foundation of the Hebrew religion is thusly, "Abram" (Ab-RAM) , to usher in the age of Aries. Finally Jesus (the fisherman) brings us into the age of Pisces, and here we are today about to usher in a "New Age".

Now, these are not my disciplines nor my beliefs necessarily, rather is simply the subject of my current studies right now. I personally don't like the idea of not being in charge of my own fate, destiny and soul. Now if we all are just "along for the astrological ride", then for some reason that idea grates on me.

So I'm trying to figure out the following questions:

1) Who or what created western cultures zodiac?

2) What is hidden away in the Vatican library?

3) What is the missing link with regards to our evolution from apes to humans?

4) On that note, is is possible that we were "seeded" from an extra terrestrial source?

5) Do the stars literally rule our lives? Or are we just part of a pre-determined plan with which the stars (Astrology) serve as a road map or sorts to determine the direction we as a species are going?

6) If it is the latter, who created this "plan" and to what purpose?

7) Is Neo-Paganism the next step in religious evolution as we enter the age of Aquarius?

The answers to these questions will direct the matter of my soul and my spiritual beliefs. Personally I am not interested in a continuation of Judea-Christian dogma and beliefs with regards to my own spiritual situation, nor am I interested in worshiping extra-terrestrials as "Gods". I have no problem learning their ways and paying my due respect if we were indeed seeded. But I like the idea that the creator (my God) is bigger than all of that. After all, what created the aliens?

If I judge in my own study that Wicca and Neo-Paganism is nothing more than the Astrological continuation of the religion of the Hebrews than I will probably leave it in my past and go on into something else all together. Now I have no problem with Christians, Jews, Muslims, or anyone else for that matter. I'm just simply not sure if their view on "God" is accurate. The more I study and contemplate on the matter, the more it seems their "God" might actually be nothing more than a species from another world in space.

My interest in "God" is that which created everything, "THE ALL" (as it's written in the Kybalion) , and that is the entity that my soul and spirit wishes to learn more of, and be a part of.

In other words, if I crack the secret code in a Wiccan ritual and get sucked up into a space ship, I'm going to be VERY disappointed!

But really I've more or less dropped the Wiccan and Pagan practice for now. I still read the books, but it's more of a study of culture at this point and less about a viable religion for myself. No, I think it's safe to say at this juncture there is no definition for my spiritual situation.

If you're still reading this far down, than you are about as crazy as I am, and I'd like to hear from you. If this is a subject that you also find interesting, do reach out. I'd like to compare notes.

Until then I am,

Sincerely yours,

Moon Shadow

PS: Please not to write with simple "yes/no" answers to my questions as though you have it all figured out. That type of arrogance will be ignored. The questions are not meant to be simply "answered" for I do not believe most people alive today can really know the answers for certain, but rather the questions are meant to provoke further discussion. I want to hear from "the wise fools" not the "foolish wise". I've had my fill of charlatans...!

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Comment by Noah C. on March 26, 2018 at 3:05am

Alright, I'll comment because I find you relatable in some ways, but I don't claim to be the end all authority on any of this. 

1. Ancient Sumerian astronomy.

2. Junk that wasn't destroyed in a cultural takeover. 

3. I don't see a missing link after modern genetics, but the Rh- factor (while probably a mutation) remains a mystery.

4. Yes, but not substantiated. If this interests you, see Lloyd Pye, though I still think his evidence doesn't hold up. His ideas are fun to listen to.

5. I am not a fervent astrologist, so the question sounds to me as though you are asking "does gravity exist?" Another way to put it is "do we have free will?" I'm still working on that one, but I tend not to agree with Sartre.

6. I would say order and plan are not the same thing. Don't ask gods, ask nature (my opinion).

7. No. That's how Christians or Muslims would act, not pagans. 

Well, I tried to answer your questions the best I could. Maybe you'll hear some more interesting answers. Blessings. 

Comment by Moon Shadow on March 30, 2018 at 7:22pm

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Fascinating study- that of the beginning of the common religions. Spiritually- I think I'm okay. After all, regardless of how confused or jaded I get on a matter, life does tend to go on anyway.

Excellent answer on number six! Number seven also gives me much food for thought. Number one will be the subject of my next library visit...

Comment by Spiritual Cosmic Embrace on September 17, 2018 at 2:16pm

astrotheology is a good topic to read up on. (hence star of bethleham,

12 zodiac astrological signs around a central sun, 12 apostles around Son Jesus,..

I ponder that too at times, did highly intelligent etees create us?

and if so who created them? (perhaps THEY don't even know if 

it was really super long ago (bilyuns of yrs or whatever)

in certain Zen I think? or Buddhism it is said yes there are gods? 

but they are deep in maya (mara) (((the Illusion) also. hmm..

who knows eh? your post shows your a deep thinker, way deeper than most.

Comment by Meridian - The Idaean on September 17, 2018 at 4:10pm

Yes, your right about astrology in religion. The ancient world worshiped three things at any given time, Planets, blood sacrifice and Sex.

1)The Blood sacrifice part would usually be animals, but not limited to human beings. The dying and raising God man, Osiris or Dionysus was superseded by Jesus Christ as the new god man, and he replaced blood sacrifice with Love, it's the lack of love for ones fellow man that leads to war and then we're back to blood sacrifice. Sex was part of the sacred marriage to achieve everlasting life.

2) Gnostic texts that Catholicism is based on, although a lot less spiritual and more dogmatic, they killed off all their mystics early on, as well as pagan scientist, as the Gnostic believed that knowledge would reveal the mind of god.  

3/4) What science is looking for is the link between apes (?) or something else and modern humans. The problem with this theory is we may have mated with neanderthals but we didn't evolve from them, they were a separate species. There is also another puzzle, considering we injure easily unlike animals that have a tough hide, and susceptible  to infection. We also don't have any claws, or a massive jaw, to defend ourselves with, and we a very weak compared to say a chimpanzees which are 20 times stronger than humans. And yet we are the dominate species on this planet because of our intelligence, without which we wouldn't stand a chance. There is a cave in south Africa that has found pottery designs not found in nature 95,00 years ago. It seems no matter how far you push human beings back in time we are always smart. Not so much as seeded, as dumped here.

5/6 The stars and planets are there as archetypes to teach us how to achieve divinity. See them as channels like a TV set, which we receive in the same way you talked about moving from one epoch to another, bringing with it new ways of thinking, living.

7? I'm afriad the age of Aquarius is not for another 500 years hence, so keep watching.

As to the rest, I'm a Modern Minoan pagan so not much of it means anything to me. If your interested, you can see my website listed on my page for my beliefs, such as they are.


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