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It used to be all the rage … the style of music known as New Age. Soothing and relaxing, New Age music hit its peak in the mid 1980’s but is now making a comeback.

And it’s why pianist/composer Edward Weiss, owner of the website is becoming so popular.

Weiss says…

“People will always need a way to relax and reduce stress. What better way than to actually learn how to create your own soothing music.”

The site Weiss runs now boasts over 100 piano lessons and is continuing to grow. When asked why he thinks New Age music is gaining popularity now, Weiss remarks:

“So much is going on in the world right now. And mostly, it’s all bad news. People need a way to escape from it all and instead of going to the movies or turning on the television, more people are seeing a more creative outlet. The beauty of the New Age piano style is that it offers both a way to relax and an outlet for creativity.”

Weiss is currently giving away a free New Age piano lesson ‘Summer Morning’ which promises to teach anyone how to improvise their own music. A free book ‘Free to be Creative at the Piano’ is also available at

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