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Well, September is here and Autumn is making its way into being! I love this time of year! So many color changes!

The new/old job seems to be working out well, despite the fact that I will be working six days a week for a while. Most of the negative energies that I was expecting are diminished by half since the company seems to be going through an employee overhaul. Most of the ones who are the worst are being let go slowly as they are starting to hire more dependable people to work for them.

My supervisor, whom I thought would be the worst in constant negative energies is one of the biggest changes I have seen. Her energies seemed to have changed drastically, they are more positive now, and I am happy to report that SHE was the one who asked the plant manager to hire me back asap. She also admitted that she did like me, but there were issues before where others had a problem with how I had been hired in and that was beyond her control, yet they wouldn't leave it alone.  Since those issues are gone now, she is even more happy to have me back because she knows I CAN do more than over half of her other lazy employees...she has already started pushing more stuff on me because she knows I can do it. That's ok since my re-start pay is more than some of them make, even if my supervisor doesn't know that. (winks)

With the new job and its financial opportunities, and my dislike of the place where I am currently living, I am looking into finding a new home to live in. 

While I did bless, protect, and cleanse my apartment and living space thoroughly, the problems that I currently have here are too much to be endured.

I have repeatedly asked and pleaded with the property manager to fix the leaks that originate from the upstairs apartment which brings in gnats that make cooking and living impossible, but he does not.  

I have also asked this man several times to address the noisiness of the neighbors upstairs, and the ones who argue outside my bedroom window several times as well, but to no avail.

The plumbing problems, gnats and noisiness will not stop because he doesn't do anything about it. The manager and the owners are nice people and work with their tenants, but these situations won't be addressed, I don't even want to bother with trying to put my rent in escrow until it is fixed because I will continue to have these problems until it would be settled, and I think that would be another couple of months...and I need sleep at night for my job, I get up at 4 or 4:30 am six days a week.

I am hoping that I can get moved out by October 1rst and settled after Mabon or before Samhain so that I can be prepared. Wish me luck, fortune and prosperity! LOL

I was going through Youtube last night, watching a channel called Mythology & Fiction Explained, it was interesting to see the information this user came up with on Hacate, Artemis, Bastet, Hyperion, Atlas, Nyx, Styx and a whole lot of other Greek and Egytian Gods and Goddesses. I think I spent half the night there after watching Wiccan videos.

The one Goddess that stuck out the most was the Greek Goddess, Iris. Goddess of Rainbows. She was also thought to be a messenger and so many other theories about her. She was surrounded by color and while there wasn't a lot of information on her since she is rarely mentioned in Greek mythology since Hermes is another messenger and is more predominate, I enjoyed the information about her.  WhenI see a rainbow from now on, I will  say hello to her.

I am not finished watching this channel, but I am looking forward to the rest of what this man has to offer concerning all gods and goddesses of the pantheons.

I won't be doing any ritual writing for anyone but myself since I am still re-learning my own path and working out my own rituals for the time being and need to get into the swing of doing so again. Since my own rediscovery is still new again for me, and I am trying to transition in my life with a newish job and finding a new home, this is the best course of action for me. 

I still need to work on knitting my alter cloth, and I can't wait for the final results. Originally, the yarns were going to be similar to the one my friend Starlight used for making my Tarot pouch, but as time goes on and I continue searching for the best colors, I think I will need a lighter weight yarn.  I am considering putting charms on my cloth as well, so I will scour the craft shops and etsy to find the perfect charms for my cloth.

With my rededication to my path, I am thinking long and hard about my health and the creatures of earth and what is best for both. Recently I have discovered that eating the things I used to is no longer enjoyable, and I don't feel well sometimes after eating them, mostly gastric issues and upset stomach. I am considering going Vegan by way of starting out as Vegetarian so that I don't feel like I am depriving myself.

I know this is a lot considering the other changes going on in my life, but if I start working on as much as I can right now, I may be able to start with things already in progress...then again, I will have to quit smoking as well, but I am learning to cut back as much as I can as I rebuild my financial situation. 

I have a few goals to meet before the end of 2018 that incorporate most of these changes.

I know my blogs are of a more personal nature, and I thank everyone who is reading them since everything I am writing about is connected to my rediscovery of my path. Everything I talk about is part of trying to live it daily, so your kind input and encouragement is greatly appreciated. I just wish there were more people around to meet and enjoy.

Blessed Be

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